23 May 2011

Medical Leave

Faulkner threw a thirty two ounce jar of peanut butter at me. 
And because of my nearsightedness, 
the jar hit me smack in the nose. 
So now I am on medical leave 
and am not required to help with dishes. 
Instead I'm going to talk about caprese sandwiches 
and cookies. 
Two things you probably already know how to make. 
But caprese. It's great at dusk in Denver before you try to sneak
into a jazz concert.
Or take blasphemous photos infront of the church.
And that telephone booth is not a time machine
incase you were wondering too. 
I checked. 
Now cookies. First I made the dough. 
With brown sugar,
white sugar, 
one egg, 
baking soda, 
and vanilla. 
Then I made cookies. 
The fonts all small because 
I say cookie quiet like a mouse. 
How old are you Bryn?
Eighteen and eleven twelfths.
Thanks for asking again. 
I want to learn how to skateboard. 
And I want to drive to Utah. 
And yes I passed the S.C.U.B.A. 
certification test. 
Oh yeah, the cookies. 
Some got oatmeal, white chocolate, and coconut. 
Some got peppermint extract, cocoa powder, and choc. chips. 
Some got original choc. chips. 
And one got birthday sprinkles for my little birthday princess sister. 

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