04 May 2011

"Its Been Real"

Except not really. Dorms are the most surreal superficial experience ever. Cuss yeah, no mo do'ms fo'evur!!
My life has taken a significant upswing since checking out.
Here's how:
1. Steak and cheese crepes with arugula salad
2. Powdered sugar pear chocolate sauce crepes with room temp orange juice (best kind)
--improv chocolate sauce:
-heavy whipping cream
-drinking chocolate (that's yuppie/snooty for hot chocolate mix)
-white chocolate chips and a square of baking chocolate for substance.
WOW COOL! Look for this one sometime made with m&m's. Peanut butter.
3. Pepperoni-stuffed chicken with maple/orange pinenut cranberry arugula salad and Nutthins with bean dip
4. Tang-Iced Tea with cloves (almost - I didn't have tang or cloves so I used mint and orange extract and it tasted just as weird)
5. Chocolate Fudge Brownie
6. Fresh pasta with tomatoes and red pepper and chicken sausage (favorite sausage ever)
7. Mighty Arrow, Stranger American Pale Ale, and a sip of some other Left Hand glory.
My body is saturated with exercise and nutritional satisfaction.

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