26 May 2011

Is there a chance that you could come down?

Couple reviews:

Wooden spoon in Highland: wow. Breakfast sandwich < $4.
You choose any 2 toppings (including meat) and add $1 each.
Laptop use discouraged. Awesome!

Dragonfly Deli in Wheatridge:
$5 for bomb cussing stellar huevos rancheros with a billion kinds of hot sauce, those delicious Mexican fruit drink things, and smokey smells from their meat that they're prepping for the weekend.

Bikeride down 32nd by Jorrel's farm and Coors brewery?
Uh huh.

How much longer can I live at home?
A week. Just kidding. Forever. I love my family but there are way too many hormones in my body to be living the same way as last year. I want to spread my wings and fly. AND I NEED THE CAR TO DO THAT MOM. LOVE YOU. UGGGGGGHHHHH

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