24 May 2011


Hi blog world.

Its been a while.


Sorry. Lo siento. Desolee.

I've been busy learning about gluten free bread, lifting compost, and talking to custies.

But I do have a crazy, emotion-driven recipe to share!

1. Bike around Denver for 3 hours.
2. End up at Safeway because grocery stores are all you know anymore. Walk out with a tub of lucerne ricotta, an out of season peach, and a not organic green apple. Suck it Boulder. You got nothing on notsosafeway.
3. Make a sauce with heavy cream, flour, butter, a tiny bit of cheese, ginger, and thin slices of the fruit. Add some yogurt at the end like you've just discovered dairy, or maybe your parents just got a dairy delivery box outside the front door.
4. You still have wonton wrappers from crab rangoons? Cool. Mix some spices ricotta and egg and uh... rasperryjam and put that in. Seal it all with water and a fork.
5. Discover that wonton wrappers do not equal pasta.

I'll perfect this one- it's on the edge of glory.


Lasagna for one (or two)

You can make some bomb stellar ghetto lasagna in a baby banana bread container.

Use meat sauce because you have no meat.
Add a layer of noodles that you'll have to break up to fit in the container.
Ricotta egg basil layer.
Diced shrooms.
Spinach that you picked out of the mixed greens.
Funky super sharp cheddar.
Repeat, but with mixed greens because you ran out of cheddar.
Bake until you can poke something sharp through the noodles.

Other updates: El Diablo: good. Use shred chix for scram huevos in the morning.
Mercury cafe: Being high = not conducive to hostessing
The BIG EAT: not attended by me.
Places to go: Utah, Wyoming, Denver Diner, Tom's Diner, Gypsy Cafe, 6th and Corona, City Grille, 6th Street Coffee

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  1. I would like to take you to Gypsy Cafe for post birthday- birthday meal since I couldn't hang with you on your birthday. Oh and we have to go to that buffalo doughboy place on thursday for free coffee!!