29 May 2011

Road Trip

I didn't even watch Bryn's poetry post.
More out of spite than anything else.

Maybe I'm so spiteful because I'm a total foodie now. Which is not always good.

Here's how I discovered that useful information.

I drove 8 hours Southeast with my family to the Griffin Farms Family Reunion.

The Griffin Farms are in Rockport, Missouri, but we're staying in Nebraska City.... Nebraska.
And you have to drive through Iowa to get between the two.

The farms are a huge operation dedicated to the big commodity crops: corn and soy. Maybe wheat, but I'm not sure. I'll talk more about them later, once I get pictures up because a lot of what we saw was the story discussed in Food Inc. Super interesting stuff.

Anyway. We got dinner at this Arbor Day Lodge where we're staying. It's actually really beautiful, and all the dirt smells like Vermont.

Here's the catch: the restaurant is just a nicety. The bread was obviously shipped in by Sysco, the kids meals came with Jello (cute), and the silverware matched the meals only in quality. Price targeting in hotels and movie theaters... I'll leave it at that.

Everything did taste good though, and my salad had apples, cherries, AND hazelnuts on it. Yersh.

English muffins were twice the size as usual, but who doesn't like a cantaloupe sandwich in the morning?
My mom told me to go get a plate, so I made the mature decision to stuff the entire 6 pieces in my mouth at once. No plate for me!

I actually did that with a banana on the way out - everyone complained that it smelled bad, so I ate more than half in one bite.

The last road trip we took I did the same thing with cherries. Huh...

Ok so here's where the food gets good -
Barbeque. If you ever find yourself in Nebraska City, go to Parker's. It's next to the museum with the confederate flag. Get the pork because it's not super fatty like the brisket, and they have 5 kinds of sauce that they draw on a plate for you to try with steak fries. I memorized them because I heard the waitress do the spiel twice while her apprentice looked on. Unfortunately the skinny as a stick host was not our waiter, but he did ask if my dad liked meat. Then he recommended somthing called a Pit or a Club, which he said was kind of girly.

House, Featured, Hot, Texas something, and Liquid Gold.

Dinner was at my Aunt Janet's beautiful house in Rockport - the biggest rotisserie steaks and chicken I have ever seen, and on wheels too!

And I finally found the bottle that goes beneath those cool bottle caps I kept finding on the lawn at Sewall- I think it's Boulevard Brewing Company. I poured one in a green cup so as not to offend anyone, and played badminton with Emily. I only spilled a little bit.

Stay tuned everyone - Griffin family history is up next. Incas! Gold! Indians! The Civil War! Ireland! Business school! Corn!!!

26 May 2011


I miss my second home. 
The jam in this video reminded me of it cause I only eat it when I'm there. 
I hope one of our thirty seven followers got a kick out of that. 
The other thirty six of you probably thought it was dumb. 
Well, I'll show you how I landed on it. 
I was watching this. 
Also called Jellyfish. 
But much more my sort of thing.(emotions.thinking.metaphors.art.care.ahh.)
Forty five bucks anti-poetry Faulkner doesn't watch the whole thingg.
(But I didn't watch all six minutes of fedora boy rapping so I'll call it even)

Is there a chance that you could come down?

Couple reviews:

Wooden spoon in Highland: wow. Breakfast sandwich < $4.
You choose any 2 toppings (including meat) and add $1 each.
Laptop use discouraged. Awesome!

Dragonfly Deli in Wheatridge:
$5 for bomb cussing stellar huevos rancheros with a billion kinds of hot sauce, those delicious Mexican fruit drink things, and smokey smells from their meat that they're prepping for the weekend.

Bikeride down 32nd by Jorrel's farm and Coors brewery?
Uh huh.

How much longer can I live at home?
A week. Just kidding. Forever. I love my family but there are way too many hormones in my body to be living the same way as last year. I want to spread my wings and fly. AND I NEED THE CAR TO DO THAT MOM. LOVE YOU. UGGGGGGHHHHH

24 May 2011


Hi blog world.

Its been a while.


Sorry. Lo siento. Desolee.

I've been busy learning about gluten free bread, lifting compost, and talking to custies.

But I do have a crazy, emotion-driven recipe to share!

1. Bike around Denver for 3 hours.
2. End up at Safeway because grocery stores are all you know anymore. Walk out with a tub of lucerne ricotta, an out of season peach, and a not organic green apple. Suck it Boulder. You got nothing on notsosafeway.
3. Make a sauce with heavy cream, flour, butter, a tiny bit of cheese, ginger, and thin slices of the fruit. Add some yogurt at the end like you've just discovered dairy, or maybe your parents just got a dairy delivery box outside the front door.
4. You still have wonton wrappers from crab rangoons? Cool. Mix some spices ricotta and egg and uh... rasperryjam and put that in. Seal it all with water and a fork.
5. Discover that wonton wrappers do not equal pasta.

I'll perfect this one- it's on the edge of glory.


Lasagna for one (or two)

You can make some bomb stellar ghetto lasagna in a baby banana bread container.

Use meat sauce because you have no meat.
Add a layer of noodles that you'll have to break up to fit in the container.
Ricotta egg basil layer.
Diced shrooms.
Spinach that you picked out of the mixed greens.
Funky super sharp cheddar.
Repeat, but with mixed greens because you ran out of cheddar.
Bake until you can poke something sharp through the noodles.

Other updates: El Diablo: good. Use shred chix for scram huevos in the morning.
Mercury cafe: Being high = not conducive to hostessing
The BIG EAT: not attended by me.
Places to go: Utah, Wyoming, Denver Diner, Tom's Diner, Gypsy Cafe, 6th and Corona, City Grille, 6th Street Coffee

23 May 2011

Medical Leave

Faulkner threw a thirty two ounce jar of peanut butter at me. 
And because of my nearsightedness, 
the jar hit me smack in the nose. 
So now I am on medical leave 
and am not required to help with dishes. 
Instead I'm going to talk about caprese sandwiches 
and cookies. 
Two things you probably already know how to make. 
But caprese. It's great at dusk in Denver before you try to sneak
into a jazz concert.
Or take blasphemous photos infront of the church.
And that telephone booth is not a time machine
incase you were wondering too. 
I checked. 
Now cookies. First I made the dough. 
With brown sugar,
white sugar, 
one egg, 
baking soda, 
and vanilla. 
Then I made cookies. 
The fonts all small because 
I say cookie quiet like a mouse. 
How old are you Bryn?
Eighteen and eleven twelfths.
Thanks for asking again. 
I want to learn how to skateboard. 
And I want to drive to Utah. 
And yes I passed the S.C.U.B.A. 
certification test. 
Oh yeah, the cookies. 
Some got oatmeal, white chocolate, and coconut. 
Some got peppermint extract, cocoa powder, and choc. chips. 
Some got original choc. chips. 
And one got birthday sprinkles for my little birthday princess sister. 

17 May 2011

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Crab Rangoon

Focaccia! Ay mama.......and I made the dough almost all by myself. Now you silly little children might be wondering how, well have no fear bryneee is here! And we just told you how last week so click here and go to roman numeral deux and save my breath. Next Faulkner's mom sprinkled the dough with tomatoes and garlic and cheese and something green and maybe fairy dust because it was MAGICAL. By the way my sister knows how to doooogie. She says it doooogie like she lives in a primarily white neighborhood and eats organic potato chips. Which she does. SEE FOR YOURSELF
CHECk out this pie!

Next lets talk about the MOON. Did you see it last night? She's a beauty. I have so many moon quotes I can't keep them to myself. When I first saw the glowing rock, I danced around like a ballerina and sang, "Whennnnnnn the Moon hits your Eyyye like a biG Pizzah pie, that's ammmore." Don't know where that came from. Faulkner blames the moon power. Which made me think of Cat Stevens. Moon Shadow....."I'm being followed by a moonShadow, moonSHadow, moonSHADow MoonshadOw." And the best ever quote about moons ever, which high-school Bryn considered tattooing on her...."Hey there missus lovely moon, you're lonely and you're bluee. It's kinda strange the way you change but then again we all do tooooo." Mr. Devendra Banhart wallows that and him and my dad are probably glad I reconsidered that one. Finally ze crab rangoons. Crab, creamcheese, green onions, deep fried. Yes it was hot and it splattered but Faulkner didn't yell at me like when we made beignets. While I'm bragging about myself, TWO cashiers claimed I was the best bag girl in Boulder. That's right, if I could frame that and hang it on the fridge I would. SPEAKing of things you hang on the fridge, I hope you saw my wonderful co-blogger on the cover of the Daily today. What a hero. AND *bonus* just incase you didn't get to see because you left Boulder for the summer, or you don't read- here's the pic for yuh. So candid camera............! (I always thought it was candy camera when I was a little squirt so now I have weird word associations with cameras and candy.....)

I think eating macaroni for dinner and hanging out with a 13 year old makes me hyper because I never talk this much.

15 May 2011

Knives Knives, 10 More Seconds to Choose Your Knife!

Faulkner got a sharp set of knives for her birthday. Oh my goddess, pun intended. I heard a Naropa-instructor herb-enthusiast say that one today. The "oh my goddess" part. Kind of cute in a Boulder liberal, I would never say "oh my god" way. Anyways, because I'm 18 and 11/12 (which a co-worker equated to me being more like 6 years old) but anyways we still name inanimate objects. So so, we took the time to name each of her new knives.

Here we go!
1. Starting with the knife sharpener, that's Adrien Brody because he's skinny like a rod.
2. The king knife is George Clooney, because he's king in her eyes.
3. The serrated bread knife is Ash. Because he's different. Like Ash from Fantastic Mr. Fox wooo funky arm movements.
4. The big one is Lebowski. Because Big Lebowski, and Faulkner's love for the man Jeff Bridges.
5. Then we've got Dalli, from the Outsiders. He was the last one named. Hence- outsider. Kidding I haven't even read the book so I don't get the reference but I don't mind shooting the bull like I do.
6. Then the scissors. Which are Johnny Depp cause Edward Scissorhands scissors scissors yeah great movie.
OK. Stick with me.
7. 8. 9. Then we've got the three girls: Yoko Ono (Beatles tribute kinda?) Tina Fey! and Khadija
10. 11. 12. 13. And then the four steak knife brothers: Adams, Black, Atticus, and Bobby Fuller!

AND! Here's James Franco's best work. You've got to got to watch. Maybe not family-friendly but essential to the post.

Lots of Love,

PS. Dormét is like the next Apple, so I'd jump on this bandwagon now and buy some stock while its cheap/press like below

Big C little c

For your listening pleasure....

Thanks Sachi.

What begins with c?


After getting huffy with me that there was no cauliflower at the salad bar last night in lieu of some other unfriendly vegetable,
a customer shrugged off my suggestion of the caramelized ones in the case and grudgingly accepted my offer to run upstairs and get her some. Turns out all she wanted were two florets to go on top of her boring looking small salad. Then she got mad because she had to reopen the box.


"Soft-serve," per se. But they're different in VT, because you walk/run to get one, usually for free because you know someone, and eat it at the waterfront. Maple black raspberry. Or one of like 57 flavors. Having a creemee hook up is like like how 19 year olds know how to get into bars, but minus the underage part.

Coconut waffles:

Plus a bunch of berries and cantaloupe for pre-birthday breakfast.

Crab rangoon:
Mix sauteed garlic and green onion with more crab meat than cream cheese, fold into a wonton wrapper, and fry in canola oil.
Eat with the caprese focaccia your mom made.

Found in just about every where at work. Basil, tomato, mozzarella.

Something that doesn't start with c:

My coworker explained it to me as
If Jesus was bologna, he'd be mortadella. Google tells me that it is a massive Italian sausage full of cubes of pork fat from the back and neck. And throat maybe. Yummm....

Way to eat for cheap:
bulk granola + maple wallaby yogurt = breakfast < $2
Pot of pork and beans left in break room = free

13 May 2011

"I'm too drunk to taste this chicken"

Things I have learned:

1. Cleaning rotisserie devices with chemicals burns your skin off.

2. Colonel Sanders is the KFC guy. He was once quoted as saying claiming to be too drunk to taste his own chicken. I think. They say the line in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. It was a good nonsensical line.

3. Don't make friends with anyone that is "Gluten Free." Only celiacs.

4. Reading is too difficult for people these days. Even if all the ingredients are listed, a gluten free couple will still complain that "Its such a pain, why isn't there a sticker?"

-> The self righteousness of these people indicates that they are following a temporary diet fad, especially since both of them are gluten free. I swear, half these people don't even know what gluten is. Gluten is good. Things with gluten have soluble fiber that keep you full and digest slow for long term energy. Oatmeal. Whole bread. Pasta. Soy. Yeah, you put it on your sushi because it tastes good. BEER. It makes you feel happy and light. These are staples for EVERY culture.

Why are Italians and the French happier than us? Because they eat with tradition and reverence for good food. They don't follow stupid food trends that eliminate an entire staple or nutrient from an omnivorous diet. The American food system is too regulated by capitalism and government subsidies.

Ok, commie rant over. Start looking for t shirts. I'll take ideas for pro-gluten strategies, even though everyone will get sick of rice cakes and almonds within a year or two and sulk back for regular bread in their chicken sandwich. I'll relish the moment. Just like when my dad stopped being vegan and my parents started eating sugar again.

5. Kombucha is the new 'thing.' Make your own out of a culture and black tea. I'm not allowed to make it at my house because it is modern and we only drink nice things like orange juice, milk, and beer.

6. My respect for my parents is ever-increasing as I watch moms try to feed their kids quinoa and dads let their kids flop around on the cafe floor like seals.

7. Spanish. It's awesome.

8. That all my coworkers rock climb. I wanna go too.

9. That I need to work on my upper body strength.

10. That things have names. "Thingy, thing, or this" can be replaced with "Deck brush" "Schedule" or "I need a large pan for 6 chickens." I'll work on that one.

11. I'm a dreamer. Julia told me that she is too, and sometimes it's hard being human. It made me happy because I feel like my life is turning into a Wes Anderson movie.

12 May 2011

Sketchy as Cuss

Here is how to make grilled asparagus.

Throw it on the grill and turn it over after marinating it a little bit.

Watch your arm turn red and blotchy from the heat.

You know it's done when it is "The brightest of greens."


On your 45 minute bus ride home, listen to Odessey and Oracle by the Zombies.

DO NOT listen to your iPod on the 17 minute walk through the sketch tastic ghetto.

I'm making that too light. Be very aware while you walk down park ave and 22nd at midnight.

I passed some old scary looking guys smoking on the corner that weren't just the friendly crazies that say things like
"Where they gotchu cookin at girl? I thought you was a cook" with a towel on his head or
"You all out of school for the summer? Take care baby girl!" but more like....


I looked at one guy's face and he was rough- older, no emotion, just smoking in the rain.

At the other corner, some one was walking toward me with his hood up while two big guys walked after him saying Aqui!!

There was a massive group right behind them on the corner just hanging out, and a couple people in sleeping bags.

I think something was going down. Either way,
a) stop worrying about walking home at night in Boulder or Burlington, you'll be fine.
b) someone please pick me up tonight/tell me a different way to get home. Thanks.

On a lighter note - a Mirabelles style breakfast waited on a cutting board. Baguette in brown paper two eggs in a bowl to be cooked and a stick of butter. Apricot jam = perfect.

11 May 2011

Summer School

Dormet is going to summer school. Self imposed summer school actually.
And it's free. And you can follow along too. We would love that.

Here's the stitch.
Two weeks dedicated to a humanities study of each decade. We're kicking it off with the 40's. We're a little behind because of this whole thing called responsibility, which manifests in us each working partish/fullish time at a lil grocery store up in a teeny town you might of heard of called Boulder. Mind, neither of us are living in Boulder which means commuting is our new fave past time, totally.

So, the 40's.
Field trip: Swing dancing
Music: Glenn Miller, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald...
Movie: Citizen Kane
Style: Menswear
Food: TV dinner (we'll recreate it of course)

Um, ready set go?

10 May 2011

Oatmeal for People that Don't

My friend Eric once said,
"The only people that like oatmeal are those that like raisins and brown sugar."

Ha. Clever.

We figured out a way to make this gray mass worth your while.

1. Buy some quality stuff like Bob's Red Mill 5 grain in a little bag. Less packaging = less garbage bill for YOU, not the planet.

2. Boil water, add the oatmeal. This is common. Leave it a little soupy, but let most water boil out.

3. Add everything in your pantry. A tilt of vanilla, clock of coconut shreds, spoon dash of malt powder, sliced fresh strawberries, shredded mint, frozen blueberries, and a tiny bit of half and half. Finish it with a squeeze of honey.

That's how you make oatmeal, Boulder. And yes, it does contain gluten. Eat it.

Side note- thanks for the spinach and mushrooms Sabina. They were delicious with scrambled eggs on toast when my maternal unit ran off to the Rockies game with -still- ZERO food in the house.

08 May 2011

What happened to your eyes Miss? Did you get mutant genes or something?

My mom has a blue eye and a brown eye.
Someone used that verbatim to ask her why.

Sorry we've left you hanging, but I can just taste the excitement that this summer will bring!

Oops that was corny.

Alright. Can we make an agreement? (Darjeeling Limited - watch it) I need to get professional in my personal and blog lives, at least a little bit. So Dormet will be evolving a little bit. I'll try to be more clear in how to make the things I brag about. And use roman numerals so you lazy readers/busy people can skip thoughts quick and easy just like the internet.

I. Cinco de Mayo
Salsa (tomatoes, onion, peppers are good base ingredients)
Chicken (always buy good meat* and marinate it with spices and garlic and olive oil)

* I got way intimate with some chickens at work the other day - my coworker showed me how to tie them for rotisserie, and you have to get pretty handsy with something that feels very much like a baby or a puppy. Then you stick a large piece of metal through its body cavity (AP Bio kids?! coelom?!) and watch it roast.

II. Pizza Night
Here's how to make dough:
3/4 cup warm water (105°F to 115°F)
1 envelope active dry yeast

2 cups (or more) all purpose flour
1 teaspoon sugar
3/4 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons olive oil

Pour 3/4 cup warm water into small bowl; stir in yeast. Let stand until yeast dissolves, about 5 minutes.

Brush large bowl lightly with olive oil. Mix 2 cups flour, sugar, and salt in processor. Add yeast mixture and 3 tablespoons oil; process until dough forms a sticky ball. Transfer to lightly floured surface. KNEAD dough until smooth, adding more flour by tablespoonfuls if dough is very sticky, about 1 minute. Transfer to prepared bowl; turn dough in bowl to coat with oil. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let dough rise in warm draft-free area until doubled in volume, about 1 hour. PUNCH down dough. DO AHEAD Can be made 1 day ahead. Store in airtight container in refrigerator. ROLL out dough according to recipe instructions. (Start in center of dough, working outward toward edges but not rolling over them.)

I guarantee you success. Serve with beer on your roof at sunset. You should make a pineapple mint pizza, a spinach feta one, and a sauteed veggie-bacon-steak one. Your cool friends will like you. Get gelato at the Argentinian place in the hood as a nice follow up.

III. Breakfast sandwiches
Funky potatoes

Eat these after the Homerun for the Homeless 5K - you get to run the diamond at Coors Field, where walk great men like Tulowitzki....

Dexter Fowler....

Michelle Obama!
Apparently she was supporting children of military families on April 15th. I wish I had been there for that. I touched some grass running today though that maybe she touched too.

Speaking of which - my mom did her first 5K today! Woo! Prouda youuuu!

Salsa makes good pasta sauce when you heat it in a saucepan.

Confused about mojitos? Let me help.
Crush some mint and sugar in the bottom of a glass.
Add a litttttle bit of coconut rum.
4 ice cubes.
Fill to 1 finger away from the top with club soda.

Braise brats in 1554 and serve with lemon salad.
German chocolate brownie cake from The Market makes a good dessert to compliment German sausage. Have a cup of black tea - no milk or sugar - with dessert.

After that kind of weekend, your body will be saturated with good nutrients and you'll feel great - especially after a day in the sun at the park with Merritt and Sabina and Emily playing frisbee and slackline and yoga and gymnastics! (Boulder I did miss you a little)

Let me end with 2 case studies of why I like Denver.

A) I saw a skinhead walking around with a gross nasty rat with a long pink tail on his shoulder climbing around his neck. Disgusting.

B) A homeless chick stopped me on the street the other day to ask for change, and when I said I had none, she said, Where yo famly at?! They lef you BROKE out here ina BLACK neighborhood? Bring some cussin change next time!!
But then some guys at the bar said, "Hey!" But I didn't notice, so they proceded with "Thats alright, just keep walking, good talk." I noticed when one said "I like your bag!" I did the turn around and smile. Its a good move because it shows acknowledgement but doesn't mean anything. Denver is so cool. Do I have to graduate or can I just stay here for the rest of my life?

04 May 2011

"Its Been Real"

Except not really. Dorms are the most surreal superficial experience ever. Cuss yeah, no mo do'ms fo'evur!!
My life has taken a significant upswing since checking out.
Here's how:
1. Steak and cheese crepes with arugula salad
2. Powdered sugar pear chocolate sauce crepes with room temp orange juice (best kind)
--improv chocolate sauce:
-heavy whipping cream
-drinking chocolate (that's yuppie/snooty for hot chocolate mix)
-white chocolate chips and a square of baking chocolate for substance.
WOW COOL! Look for this one sometime made with m&m's. Peanut butter.
3. Pepperoni-stuffed chicken with maple/orange pinenut cranberry arugula salad and Nutthins with bean dip
4. Tang-Iced Tea with cloves (almost - I didn't have tang or cloves so I used mint and orange extract and it tasted just as weird)
5. Chocolate Fudge Brownie
6. Fresh pasta with tomatoes and red pepper and chicken sausage (favorite sausage ever)
7. Mighty Arrow, Stranger American Pale Ale, and a sip of some other Left Hand glory.
My body is saturated with exercise and nutritional satisfaction.