17 April 2011


I woke up yesterday with a sharpie rose winding around my entire arm.

Dad that's for you. I never knew that song was from Monty Python. I kind of like the German version better.

Bryn drew it on for Lumberjack night, but I forgot that sharpie doesn't come off.

Solution? Scrub at it with toothpaste and your slackline rope outside for ten minutes. Toothpaste is to me as Windex is to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It works on jewelry, plates, and I heard from a friend that it will clear up your skin, but you also get like 2nd degree burns or something, which is maybe why I can feel heat radiating from my arm.

I brought my rose to the farmers' market since Bryn had to train at Alfalfas. Until this morning, it was the best breakfast of the semester. In Boulder anyway.

Can you say spicy chai from Conscious Coffees and an almond croissant?

Also some guys from Hope Hummus gave us a sample of spicy avocado hummus for helping them set up their tent. We love them.

The hummus plus some rustic flatbread made lunch, and we say everyone who had been wearing plaid the night before.

Best part? That flatbread makes delicious... Sabina you'll have to remind me of that word again because my mind resets every morning... little pizzas. With spinach mushrooms chive things cheese and.... an egg! But we broiled the eggs and they got a little weird. End the night with unsweet hot chocolate at The Cup. Best Saturday to end the best week EVER.

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  1. Pisetas! My mother's Spanish word for pizza on bread!