13 April 2011

Rolling on Macaroni with Brad Pitt

Cheddar Cheese Macaroni
#1. Elbow noodles.....boil em!
#2. Flour, milk, cheese and butter....melt em!
#3. Stir....and serve!

Easier and cheesier than the stuff in the box cause you don't have to wonder how to powder cheese.
STORY TIME: I ate the mac and cheese in ten minutes to make my US History through Film class showing of Fight Club. First time I've seen it, kinda sorta REALLY bugged me out. After the movie I left to go meet Faulkner in her room where she said she was living the thug life doing homework and playing with a lighter at her desk. That's normal. But I knock. Nobody's there. So I go use the retro bathroom in the piano lounge with black toilet seat covers. The fluorescent overhead light buzz plus the scar on my chin from my bike crash made me feel like I was IN fight club. But not like "haha I feel like I'm in fight club." More like my hands start shaking and I convince myself Faulkner isn't real, more a figment of my imagination- Brad Pitt style and I'm Tyler Durden. So I text her: "You're not sitting at your desk anymore, are you?" And the real kicker.... she replies "I'm at yours." So I'm all nervous nellie walking up the stairs and for realz think that I made Faulkner up because I didn't have any friends and I actually just hang out by myself all the time and people are just nice and humor me by playing along with this Faulkner character I made up. So I open my room key and yeah she's inside. And I felt pretty sick and so I sat down on my bike which didn't have a front wheel but my roommate convinced me that Faulkner is real and that I'm not clever enough to come up with somebody as original as Faulkner. So ok. But then she lost her b1 card. So in the world of meal plans, Faulkner doesn't really exist. But she does. I ate an apple and they laughed at me and I went and watched the free Wavves concert but I'll probably never watch Fight Club again. --Bryn

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  1. Bryn, If Faulkner was conjured up in your imagination, who does that make me?