30 April 2011

p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n

This is me pretending to write a twelve page paper on the Monarch Butterfly. The more I talk about this paper, the better I will do on it. karma. I LIKE BUGGS.

"Sorry, my sleeves are wet."
"Oh. I didn't notice."

Sorry to Sabina's friend Alex. He was very polite about my uncomfortable greeting. Don't worry my sleeves aren't wet.

We made vanilla vanilla cupcakes for a friend. At 2am. Yes, we fully regretted it the next day.

Yesterday we walked back from dinner, Faulkner with a dozen eggs in her hand and clad in her drug rug, me in my Charlie Sheen prescription Ray Bans because I can't find my glasses and some Cherry Garcia in my hands. We were stopped by super brother-sister duo Nate and Merritt and were greeted with a, "Welllll, you two don't look high."

Happy studying. BRAIN FOOD=Goldfish+Adderall.

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