02 April 2011

Loose Lip Lucy: A Lesson in Mussels

1. Take off their beards. (The part that makes a mussel stick to boats, rocks, or giant sea turtles....)
2. You want to be able to tell your mussel a secret, so tightlipped. No Loose Lip Lucy's from the dorm floor.
3. Put one pound of mussels with white wine, tomatoes, leeks, garlic and shrimp broth in a pot.
4. Steam 'em with a lid.
5. They'll pop.
6. If they don't pop, they're dead. Don't eat them.
7. Add a lil bit of cream.
8. Use the extra juice for your bread.

1 comment:

  1. Let's make these next time you come home! I have an idea...