28 April 2011

Late Night with Bryn and Faulkner

We both worked til 11 last night.
SO we weren't tired at all.

So I packed all the food stuffs into two crates and Bryn put all her clothes into plastic bags.
Then we made Birthday Cupcakes for 4 (Smitten Kitchen x2) and I cut up enough bread to make my hands sore.

By that I mean a baguette a huge loaf and some sourdough.

With a steak knife.

The loaf and the baguette made croutons (cube the bread, play with olive oil, Italian Season, little bit of found dijon, bake at 350 for 20 min) after the cupcakes after the danishes we found we'd left in the oven since Tuesday when we made breakfast.

The oven got mad action last night.

ToDAY? Bread pudding, hopefully. As long as it takes less than 20 minutes, because I gotta study.

Peace and Love and good luck on those finals!

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