12 April 2011

Happy Free Cone Day!!

I love Ben and Jerry's more than anything.
And it's Free Cone Day, celebrating their 33rd anniversary! Woo!
We walked down to the one on Pearl Street and waited in line for 0 seconds.
In Burlington, its at least 10 minutes.

Jimmy Fallon's Late Night snack finally made its way to me:
Caramel salty swirls with chocolate covered potato chips. Awww yeah.
Bryn got Bonnaroo Buzz, which is a coffe/malt ice cream with whiskey caramel swirls and toffee pieces. SUMMER '09, oh man.

That job was the best I've had so far, and I can't thank Amanda enough for letting a fifteen year old onto the line with a bunch of crazy UVM students that opened me up to the world of social activism and awareness. I've worked 3 free cone days (actually I was in Italy for one) and through them met the weather man, Jerry, and almost Hannah Teter.

More history on two of the best guys in the world and my awesome coworkers later.


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  1. feels like summer time! Props to you and your mad push ups