26 April 2011

Great Holy Meatloaf

A) Charoset is apparently a paste, not just a mix of apples and roasted walnuts and honey and cinnamon. Make your failed charoset into a salad with spinach.

B) The best way to feed AND impress a lot of people on the cheap: Quiche. (I say impress because you can feed anyone with spaghetti, but that almost always tastes the same, and always ends up in the trash on that tacky flowery paper wax plate.)
I used Emeril Lagasse's recipe for the crust, which turns out to be really easy. All you need is flour, butter, and a little salt. Bake for a bit before you wander about the hill on Easter Sunday trying to find a house you've only seen at night.

C) Kitchen talk:
i. to combine old and new food in the same bowl is to 'marry' them.
ii. you HAVE to be firm when transferring some from one bain to another.
iii. I'll make a video about how to roll up a pizza dough.
iv. line cooks always carry 2 towels in their apron.

D) Meatloaf is absolutely delicious, and if you don't like it, I'll bet you haven't tried it. I'll swim a 500 at midnight naked in the res if you have and still think its bad.

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