19 April 2011

Down with Dorm Food

We found them we found them! The kids that eat natural organic vegetables and don't like milk and listen to jam bands!
We went over to our new friend Fabi's place last night for dinner.
He runs a little thing called Stained Tablecloth that involves people getting together and learning and eating quality food and all sorts of things.

He made potato beet soup and put coconut milk on top. Bryn and I brought CForce salad and it was bombtastic.

I'm pumped to be getting into this local food scene.

CUGL had a bakesale yesterday that I actually helped at with beet muffins, johnny cakes, coconut bread, applesauce fudge cookies, and some crazy carrot bread. This summer is going to be so so good.

I also made a friend at the Cup who sent me this website on why GMOs are dangerous and bad and nonexistent in Europe. Stupid America. He helped put the 2 minute videos together. Check them out!

One dormet recipe for you: Macaroni Salad.

Mayonaise is gross. And i tend to dislike cold salads. But when you're tired of Mac n Cheese and still have a peanut butter jar full of elbow noodles in Bryn's fridge....

Heat them up in some olive oil
Melt two slices of cheese on top
Dump in shredded carrots and mixed greens
Grind the flax seed that's been sitting in the crate for 3 months and add that too.

Flax is full of good for you fiber that you can't digest when it's in seed form, so in order for it to have any effect, it has to be ground or in oil form.
Really good to mix with peanut butter and eat on an apple.

One more note: For you cooking newbies, you can make superhealthy farm fresh eggs in less than 2 minutes when you scramble them in a bowl with a little milk and put them over medium heat.

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