15 April 2011

CoOooOOoooOOkies for Breakfast!?

We love cookies! And we love breakfast! And Bryn I'm stealing all these posts from you because I know you're busy. But I'll post them and you can edit them with your wit and charm.

These gems held us over all the way to lunch, because they were packed with low GI fiber and some nice sugar to get our blood running for 9 am class.

We used the recipe for Quaker Oats Vanishing Oatmeal Rasin cookies, but ditched the raisins because they're boring.

We added instead raspberry latte trail mix from Ideal Market, (peanuts picked out at the store because they're just cheap filler) coconut, and dried cherries. We halved the recipe and still have some left for Mike in the freezer, because who needs 48 cookies at once anyway?

Maybe our friends at CU Going Local or Slow Food CU because they're having a bakesale tomorrow at Eckeley by Norlin Quad tomorrow! Look for Dormet goods!

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