22 April 2011

Chicken is a Paradigm of a Lack of Self-Control

Chicken. We said a word about him and hoped he had a fun life with some hot chicks. Pun. Ha. Faulkner wants to snap the head off the next chicken she eats....intrinsic violent manifestation.....but valid. If we can eat it why can't we kill it yeah yeah? Watch the french movie LOL and this picture will make you laugh immaturely/vomir....

This is Faulkner's witch doctor garlic shots that did squat. I'm still blowing my nose on the hour.


Music provided by a harmonica and Joey
Lemon and Blood, still life.
Faulkner, her guitar and some chiles that rattle like a....a rattle.Oh so artsy.
The risotto had half and 1/2 and cheese and was creamed deliciousness. Thanks Adam. The chicken was lemony and spicy and we ate like medieval savages. Good thing I didn't spill on my Thirsty Thursday black skimp dress....oh right I don't own one. Let's go draw pictures in the library and scare Max when he gets off work and be in bed by eleven, OK!

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  1. For the record, Bryn wasn't on crack when she wrote this. She's nervous for her new job.