23 April 2011

Call Me Hypocrisy

This blog post will be numbered in roman numerals because I don't know how to relate the three subjects.

I. Did you know 1.14 million brown paper supermarket bags are used in the United States every hour?! (SEE PHOTO -->) Nothing says "happy earth day" like spending my day in Alfalfa's, where I was giving out paper bags like hotcakes. But I like my job, I think I have a real knack for this bagging business. They didn't train me or anything, they just threw me into the shark invested waters. It's anybody's game. Some customers want to try and carry all twenty of their items without a bag and some want two bags for their plastic bottled smoothie. I've picked up on the cardinal rules, like not to put eggs vertically (sorry to the unfortunate customer I did that to, your next dozen is on me...) OKayy I realize the confessions of a natural foods bagger are not that thrilling put check out this tune....the art and the I-hate-America lyrics are swell.

II. $4 large mocha? Only because I want to support local coffee shops that are not linked to major corporations, cough cough Starbucks. And it tastes better than the watery concoction that comes out of the machine in the dining hall. And it doesn't taste like a dirty hipster that hasn't showered in nine days, cough cough Espresso Roma.

III. This is the Jewish Passover meal Faulkner made. She should talk about it because I really had no part in it, but I served it to our best Jewish friend Jesse with matza crackers! Not too shabby!

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