25 March 2011

What the cuss is colorado crunch cake?!

If you can specifically answer why City Market deems that round mystery Coloradan and crunchy, I'll make you one.

A lot of people search this one, so I'll tell you how I would make it.
Make an angelfood cake with peaches. Ginger rum frosting on top with heath bar crunchy things. You best have a sweet tooth. If that's too much, go with almond crunch from the bulk bins.

Just a few Steamboat reviews:
Friendliest place I've ever been, aside from rural Canada.

Nicole, David, and I checked out some pretentiously beautiful hot springs on Thursday instead of riding the slushy ice, and did a nice hike down the mountain to town. When we got there we went to Winona's, a local favorite-y type place where I'm sure they can tell a ski tourist before you get to the counter. They were super accommodating though, with $4 kids stuff (best $4 burger I've ever seen) and my new favorite soup: Chicken Corn Tortilla. We'll make it this week.
That was followed by cookies the size of David's face (he's in 4th grade) that they warmed up for us and everything. We even scored a glass of free milk! I had an amazing soft but chewy oatmeal heath thing, and the youngins both got this crazy brownie cookie with powdered sugar. Definitely a keeper.

I also learned a lot about beer this week because my aunt got a Left Hand mixer box thing and some Mama's Little Yella Pils, which is a pun for pilsner. I needed that explanation.

According to Wikipedia, pilsner is a type of pale lager originating in the Czech Republic. Cool! As for the Left Hand stuff, they make a bunch of really good things, but Stranger, an American pale ale is especially good. So is their IPA, 400 lb Monkey. If anything, I just like staring at the artwork on the bottles - they remind me of Magic Hat in VT.

My aunt made kung pow one night too - so easy! It's just chicken, peppers, soy, and a bunch of Hoisin, another new ingredient. Woo hoo! She also made these killer scones that did not taste fake and dumb like usual. I'll have to ask her for some help there because we never got around to making them together.

Last review: Johnny B. Good Diner.
Kinda corny deal with lots of license plates and Elvis pictures everywhere, but fun environment. It's one of those places that boasts their shake/malt flavors and puts them in a metal cup. Sweet! But, they're not that great. Go to Convention Grill or something in Minneapolis instead because chocolate sauce in a shake is totally passe.

What is not passe is anything that comes in pita bread. Especially avocados onions peppers and cheese! Soooo good. Chips and a pickle top off with a nice classic feeling.

OH! Or ricotta. Favorite dish ever. I'm pretty sure I paid like 20 euro for some cooked veggies with ricotta on the side in Italy once because none of us could read the menu and I've never had so much fun eating cheese with a fork.
It goes into spaghetti really well if the plain stuff is too boring.

Now I'm sitting on the stairs waiting for econ, thinking about how much I want chicken and waffles since I ate leftover chicken from my mom for dinner last night (plus arugula and this crazy orange oil) and breakfast this morning. It was all breaded and local and I put maple syrup on it and ohhhhh man I can't wait.

Were you looking for something dormet? Too bad, campus is dead during spring break. Eat your granola with bananas instead of milk, and make a lot of quesadillas ih your snackster with the stuff you scored from Steamboat.

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