05 March 2011

We are so Hip, Your Pelvis Better Watch Out

That's right.
We're hip.

And we're keeping on top of our food trends.
Today's trend is Caramel Sea Salt. We've seen it in ice cream, cupcakes and now it's in our brownies.

While Faulkner was working for FIVE hours, the only logical thing I could think to do was bake- so bake I did. I melted some butter with our cocoa powder and plenty of sugar until it was sweet enough for me. Next, I added two eggs because one didn't seem like enough and three seemed like too many. Then I added flour and the batter started to get really thick so I was scared the brownies wouldn't turn out right; so I didn't tell Faulkner I was making them. That-away if they were not brownie-licious I could just throw 'em away in the dumpster behind Sewall or feed them to a squirrel.

I cooked half the batter for ten minutes and then added a caramel-sea-salt creation with the rest of the batter and let them cook for another twenty. Snapped a few glamour shots and put them in the fridge for chill time.

Faulkner and I are now going to deliver them a great distance to Denver for her mom who always feeds us graciously.

Before you finish this song Sea Salt and Caramel will be yesterday's news....good thing Faulkner's hungry after standing and putting turkey through the meat cutter for five hours.

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  1. How did I miss this!? The brownies were oh so delicious! Thank you Bryn! And oh hey, the chocolate cake was just what I needed, so thanks for that too!