31 March 2011

Open Up Your Fun Hole!

We actually have expectations to fulfill from you tri-teamers. So getting everything ready for the potluck tonight was a little strenuous, there were raised voices, and first-name calling. Sorry Bryn.

We made the same rice recipe from Tuesday and added coconut milk. A little can that I hacked open because I STILL can't figure out how to use my knife. It cost 99 cents at Sunflower Market, where Bryn and I spent a while playing with all the tester lotion like 12 year olds at Bath and Body Works. It is the reason I smell like weed and cupcakes (sorry - patchouli) and Bryn smells like lavender pillow in the sun... left out for 2 months and rained on. (That's Egyptian Musk)

Aside from the rice, which turned out really well despite the fact that I took the cover off the pan (ditz newbie move, thanks David)
we made some 'mystic yogurt' that I found on Jamie Oliver's webpage.
It's super easy and you can eat it for any meal you like, and it's almost completely dormet.

Orange (sliced up naked-like)
Apple (pieces, not my favorite thin slices)
**Referring to food in chunks is unattractive. Chunks are for spewing, as in puke.***
Banana (nickels?!?)
Vanilla Yogurt
Honey (a nice drizzle)
Cinnamon (dash - only thing you might not be able to find at the dining hall, but if you put this brew in a cup and eat it on the way to Econ, you could stop at Laughing Goat and get a hit from the bar)

Everyone ate everything while the mentalist speaker told Sean to think about something that made him wildly ecstatic and to open a hole through a chore to get a look at the fun thing, but to not tell us what it was. That and Nate's commentary were a really nice compliment to our family dinner.

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