17 March 2011

Stress Eating

What do you do when you're headed to Havasu?
Stress eat.
It's awesome though, because the only food I have access to is fruit and bread and cheese.
By that I mean that I've been eating things like 2 oranges and 3 apples before 2 pm and half a baguette for lunch.
That baguette was delicious though. Here's what you do:
Buy it from the bakery.
Bring it up to the CForce.
Butter and raspberry jam! And then finish the rest with some muenster cheese. Mmmm.
Or be refined and put turkey, cheese, guacamole, and some vegetables. You can guess who ate what.
While Bryn is sitting in a car, I'm here in my spacious house drinking cranberry juice plus orange juice with REAL ice cubes. Sucka!! Not really. She'll be laughing when I get in at 8 tomorrow.
See you all next week!

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