21 March 2011

Peanut Butter x 1,000,000

Start with this:

Dormet and the Tri team went to Lake Havasu this weekend!

And let me tell you, it was quite the trip. Despite being the trashiest excuse for a city I've ever been to, Havasu proved itself as a good spring break destination, because we had fun, upheld our reputation, and will be back only once a year. To compete.
Girls and guys both dominated the race and our campsite. I'm surprised that the friendly people cooking steak near us actually wanted to hang out, because we were pretty loud.

There were definitely some people checking out our dormet lifestyle, so we had to turn our resources into something. So, peanut butter, bananas, and tortillas were spiced up with blueberry jam or granola. Bryn did something with an avocado and turkey. I ate Justin's PB/Honey like nobody's business, and when I gave one to Bryn even though we're not married, so gratefully told me that it "tastes like a yuppie in my mouth."

The awards ceremony was held at a place called Taco Chiquitos or something, and there were two stripper poles. AND we didn't even eat at the IHOP in Grand Junction because my carpooolers said the expression on my face was priceless when I saw how much black and blue eyeshadow our waitress was wearing. SO we walked out and went to City Market because Rudy kept cracking jokes about blue things and I couldn't keep a straight face and noone wanted to pay $8 for creepy pancakes.

Did you want another good quote? We had a lot of deep conversations like,
"YOU GUYS. Sex is a human EMOTION." I'll let the speaker justify and claim that one if he chooses.

staple tri food

Bryn's real smile (almost)

This girl knows how to eat veggies!

Happiest team member EVER

Hot DOG look at that style. Best driver in the background. He got us 100 miles on 1/4 tank.


...I need a good female pun for beefcake

The new kid, bein' an awesome new kid

"good looks and charm"

Showering in the lake

Rob's great

Here's something nice to leave off with that my friend Jesse shared with me.


  1. These posts are just too good. I am honored to now be in pictures on dormet! So dinner sunday at my house?? Anyone who reads this should come over and bring delicious cooking materials! Maybe we can re-create the ihop situation except good pancakes that aren't $8 and not sketchy or served by a waitress who may have been a waiter...

  2. Yessss!! I want to make crepes and pancakes and eggs and cheese and apples!