01 March 2011

Our Milkshakes Bring All the Boys to the Yard

For reals. These milkshakes will attract anyone, and I officially consider myself perfect now. Just kidding, I still can't dance like they do in the video for the namesake of this post, which we aren't publishing. We added some mint for every innuendo in the clip, meaning these shakes were a fresh breath of summertime.

How can you make milkshakes in the dorms?!

Well, you have an awesome friend whose awesome mom donates a blender to your craving.

Why not just get them in the dining hall? Oh right. Drew Auer and Bobka, you can't.

But you can get everything you need between Farrand and Sewall!

I copped Bryn's BuffOne Card and used both of ours to get 5 swipes' worth of ingredients:

5 Boulder Ice Cream Single Serving things (all coconut, one vanilla)

1 Vanilla Yogurt, just in case

2 Bananas that we did not use but would be excellent

Annnnd probably some other things. Or maybe I really only used 3.

We added some milk that we've started keeping in a Max Muscle Container (text…. to support the CU Tri Team)

and all of the strawberries Bryn cleaned out from Sewall.

Wastefullness being a sin, Eddie and Joey finished the ends of the strawberries that I carelessly abandoned.

There's a trick to good milkshakes. You put all the ingredients in the cup you'll be serving so you know exactly how much you'll make. Ben and Jerry's taught me that one. Unfortunately, Unilever taught me efficiency, so I tend to make shakes a little easier to pour (you know, faster, less ice cream), so they were lacking in thickness.

For your records though, 5 things of ice cream, a scoop of yogurt, a whole plate of strawberries, some ripped up leftover mint, and enough milk to let it blend after being pulsed a few times are the ingredients for a phenomenal shake to move right along that summertime theme that is making me crazy for spring break. Or summer.

Lesson to take away? Make sure more of the shake is solid components than liquid.

I'll be back to tell you about the steak and cheese crepes my mom is making me tonight. I left a sickly Bryn in Boulder with a strawberry fruit popsicle, French onion soup, and two avocados. Hopefully she's still alive when I get back, but I guess I'd know if she died anyway because we get sympathy pains now too.

See you soon!


  1. NICE! Bryn has the true hands of a model...i'd recognize those veins anywhere! I can't believe you stole the blender bryny! but at least it's going to good use you should make me some when you come home <3

  2. im getting that song from the library too :)

  3. Um. Camille. Those are Joey's hands. But thanks for saying that I have man hands.