29 March 2011

Let's Talk Rice

It's good to be home, ransacking the streets of Sewall....

Revelation: A bag of white rice does not mean a bag of boring.

Here's what you need:
1 cup of white rice
Mushrooms and spinach from the salad bar
An apple from the fruit basket
Cranberries from the oatmeal station at breakfast
A little bit of milk
Shredded coconut (Isn't that what your mom gives you when you come home for a dentist appointment?)
Almonds (Kind of a stock item over here in Dormetland)

How To: We simmered the rice for 15ish minutes while we ran to the dining hall to fetch our vegetables and maybe one or two pickle spears... Faulkner might've snagged a corner off some carrot cake when nobody was looking but you didn't hear it from me. We stopped to chit chat with some building mates and it turns out thats the exact amount of time our little ricies needed because they were patiently waiting with all the water boiled away.

Now for the flavor incoming: coconut and milk! We would've used coconut milk but that's a delicacy round this neck of the woods. I keep breaking into different regional accents, I'm sorry I'll tone it down. OK. So throw that coconut-milk impostor in and then some cranberries for a nice tang. The spinach goes in next which'll wilt nicely and probably loose 95% of its nutritional content. Mushrooms next. And then let Faulkner slice up the apples all itsy-bitsy for crunch factor oh and toss in some roasted almonds for that too! And waaa-laaa. Except I'm in French 1020 so I'll say voila. It was a summer rice salad exotic food dream. Make it please. Or since most of you readers are tri bugs, we'll make it again for Thursday's potluck! I hope I didn't talk it up to be better than it was.

PS. Dormet is an empire. Check us out.

PPS. When I tell you this next thing, I expect you to get out of your chair and dance because THE FARMERS MARKET is BACK. SATURDAY! You're not dancing. Watch our produce loving friend Eric, he'll show you how in a real-time reenactment of his initial response....

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