31 March 2011

Hot DOG!

Eric and I made the whole commute to Denver last night.
Not for my passport.
Not to do homework.
We went for hotdogs!
It was so worth it.
We didn't have to walk far to Larimer (?) with our neighbor/friend Stephanie, and we all agreed to get something different.
The place is called Biker Jim's and you can read about his story here.
They have macaroni and cheese hot dogs which I WILL get next time I go, and lots of other crazy things:
Wild boar, elk, veal, buffalo, reindeer, pheasant, yak....
We got the 'something different' stuff because when you go out for hotdogs, they best be good.
I got a Bat Dog. No, not really bats. It's described as a heavily smoked bacon brat with tomato cream cheese avocado foam caramelized onions and cotija cheese.
Though I would NEVER describe any kind of vegetable as foamy and try to sell it (thats on par with the term 'cheese bags')
this thing was delicious. I just looked up cotija cheese, the 2 seconds I spent absorbing information tell me that it's some kind of old hard cow's milk. I'm obviously not a connaisseur.
Like, this place would turn any vegan carnal.
My sister got a burger with an egg on it because she's an individual, my mom got a Waatlander Dog because I think she
a) wishes she was German (or Austrian actually)
b) misses Das BierHaus.

Eric got a rattlesnake/pheasant thing because he's extreme.
We also split a shake (good but I wasn't in the mood for one) and some home made potato chips. Cool points!
OH OH OH! Other best part:

Chipotle brownie cinnamon ice cream sandwich. Holy cuss wow you just need to try one. Spicy chocolate is my favorite thing in the whole world. I'll be making some of those crazy cayenne cacao nib lime cookies this weekend hopefully.

On a dormet note, if you don't want to go to Denver for an ice cream sandwich, you can panini a cookie at C$C, break it in half, and put some creemee between. Not bad.

Tomorrow is Opening Day for the Rockies, April Fool's, AND Fun Friday which means an early run, pastries/granola, beer n brats at 10 30 with my Uncle Danny's family, and a nice tan line. Look for that post, it'll be a good one!

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  1. Phwoar, that sounds AMAZING. I really want some meat now; we've had soup for dinner for like a week and a half.