13 March 2011


Have you missed my obnoxious posts on F*cebook?
We have been prioritizing. For Bryn that means getting ready for Havasu this weekend. For me that means getting ready to get ready for Havasu this weekend, and making sure I don't bomb my classes.
But, food being one of our greatest priorities, we still involved ourselves in the great culture.

First, review on Mountain Sun:
Cool atmosphere, awkwardly small table, delicious burger (they don't ask how you like it cooked) with bleu cheese and basil. Could have more flavor, but good for a craving.

It's St. Patrick's Day weekend because everyone will be sick of it by the time it rolls around on Thursday!
We made Mr. potato head leek soup and guinness chocolate cake. Both were stunninglydecadent and I put all the soup in jars and we still have some. Yay!

The cake has a nice bitter taste, but is still moist and the chocolate frosting Bryn magically whipped up out of the cream cheese I stowed away in a hollowed out Kaiser Roll was impressive and added the right amount of sweetness.

Review: My Brother's Bar
Denver. Feels like a sweet pub, sells Girl Scout Cookies, wraps your average but comforting burger in waxy paper, brings out a condiment tray. Cute, but environmentally unsustainable. Used to be frequented by Jack Kerouac and some other dude that was important during that time. Anyway, mustard and relish on a burger are a good way to end a rough day.

Smoothie to be had with cake before a WIN frisbee game:
lots o ice
rest of the frozen blueberries (finally!)
3 bananas
1 cup of yogurt

Review: Atlas Purveyors
SO good!! They have a list of teas comparable to the one at Dobra and massive chalkboard paint walls.
Pretty good zuluchai with African rooibus tea.
Bryn got slushie tea with chai and coconut. It was amazing and we're going to recreate it.

Last review: Encore Restaurant in Denver.
Can you say egg cheese bacon multigrain bread WITH the skinny french fries (pommes frites) IN IT?!
Aww yeah.
Beautiful blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes too.

Does anyone know what the requirements for a chimichanga are?!


  1. Ladies- 1)what is your beef with uncooked oats? 2)clif zbars aren't the best but if tried with a quality jam they are pretty good-especially the peanut butter bar. 3)I am glad you found Atlas, it is my favorite cafe in Boulder! 4) Requirements for a chimichanga- a burrito-minus the fresh ingrediants like lettuce and tomato for topping, so basically beans,rice,cheese,and meat- that is then deep-fried.

  2. I love oats but these ones were too plain! Jam sounds delicious. Let's go to Atlas sometime!
    ...do you think they have those in Havasu?
    Just kidding... I wasn't thinking about seeking one out AT al because that would be gross. Let's go to Safeway and get stuff to make good dinner on Saturday!