10 March 2011

Free Dinner (Almost)

Have you been missing our thrice a day posts? Us too, but we have to get our acts together and graduate if we ever want to move up in the world. Which means -tears- cutting down on cooking ALL the time. Don't worry, I eat oatmeal in my room now because we STILL have Eric's granola and we made fresh pasta with tomatos and an egg beat in and eggs on delicious Breadworks bread this week, but here's the exciting part:
We went OUT last night! Like, to a restaurant! And now in retrospect, I'm wondering why we didn't take pictures. Anyway, it's called the Kitchen and it's right next to Salt on Pearl Street.

The inside has huge ceilings, blue detailing, glass light shade things, and blue and yellow tiles on the floor studded by the occasional mosaic. The chairs at the bar are dark wood grain and all the waiters wear gray silk shirts tucked into jeans with a fahncy belt.

Also, unless they're under 22, all the male waiters have a rouge rustic beard, mussy brown hair with that semi mohawk thing pushed up in the front that went out of fashion in VT last year. It's a look that says, I'm rugged AND pretentious!

Despite that, the fresh air, locality, and openness led us to feel like we were in that very Vermont. Or maybe it's because I spent half an hour talking about it.

We got two slow roasted pork sandwiches and had fun pouring water out of one of those jars with the closing lever cork thing. Like on a sugar jar? The sandwiches were on delicious bread spread with some kind of basily delicious that I know I've had before but I can't place. The pork was not super flavorful, and I think the spread took responsibility for the flavor. The sandwich came with a side of potato salad, which was cold potatoes in a light mustardy mix and some fresh greens. Yum.

We had a coupon, so we didn't get charged for our meal, so we left a three dollar tip (he'll be happy) and ran. It was like legal dining and dashing.

I wanted dessert to go with such a nice dinner that ended while it was still light out, so we went to farrand and swiped a rootbeer and a Boulder ice cream. Bryn looked up what we need for dinner tomorrow and I poured rootbeer into the little cup meticulously, enjoying the way the rootbeer freezes around the ice cream.

Then Bryn went to study French while I tried to pass out (eek I'm sick) at 8. That didn't work, and she came to raid my room for oranges at 9. Then I passed out. Look for a post soon about Irish dinner!

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