05 March 2011

Family Dinner

I think we're ready to open a restaurant. Not really, but we're getting close.
Bryn, Joey, Emily and I cooked for about 15 people Friday night, and fed about 12. It was the biggest undertaking of my entire college experience so far aside from climbing 4 14ers, and we pleasantly surprised a buncha triathletes, a frisbee coach, a rock climber, and a mountaineer by pulling it off. AND it was almost entirely dormet; everything we served came from the dining halls except some of the noodles.

Here's what was on the menu:

Salad: Inspired by Vermont's American Flatbread with mixed greens, celery, shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, and this crazy thing Bryn does mixing the cranberries, walnuts, and feta together then adding them in. BOMB stellar idea.

Bread: Eric brought us two loaves and I grabbed a third for good measure. We almost killed all of it, and used the extra for French toast this morning.

Baked Macaroni: I brought back the roux but this time with four kinds of cheese. We mixed elbows, rigatoni, penne, and shells together with the roux (which you really can't add enough cheese as long as it still stirs - your noodles should stick together more than mine did) and put it in at 350 for maybe 25 minutes. The top was garnished with Annie's bunnies, Late July cheddar crackers (cheez-its), and some rye bread crumbs.

Carrots: This was a big debate that we decided to go for in the end just in case. You're supposed to fill a skillet with water, steam some baby carrots, let the water evaporate, and sautee them around with some brown sugar and butter. I tried to do too many at once so they got discolored, but they weren't bad, especially with roasted almonds.

Apple Fringe: Again, we called on a known winner for this one. Joey cut up a billion apples for this beauty while Bryn diluted some caramel with water to drizzle over the whole thing. We sprinkled Eric's granola on top.

Dinner went really well after that. Our triathlete friends Ryan and Maggie and Stephanie alerted us of their arrival by shouting from the sidewalk kind of like Rapunzel, and no one was awkwardly late.

My sister was a good sport about hanging out with college kids, Joey was an awesome sidekick, and Bryn tolerated comments like,
"I would like to kindly suggest that when you take something off the burner, you turn the heat off."

We plated everything up in the kitchen, put out a pitcher of ice water (whatever happened to all those lemons?) scrounged dining-ware, and even got some pop. Not that we needed it. Only four hands were raised when I asked who actually drank soda. Shoulda known. I still think that as a treat, Hansen's root beer is absolutely undeniable every once in a while...

We decompressed from our supermega housewifey stress out by doing dishes and listening to songs like "maneater" by good old Nelly. That was a funny blast from the past.

The night concluded with hugs, Rango (I really am in love with Johnny Depp), high fives in the kitchen, and some comments about how cute my apron was. Too bad it was my pretty summer dress. I smiled, but do you know what I was thinking? I'm sure you do, but just in case....

Look for an event page on F*cebook. This will become a weekly event and we will be celebrating Mardi Gras on Tuesday.
Peace and Lurve, yall.

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