31 March 2011

Open Up Your Fun Hole!

We actually have expectations to fulfill from you tri-teamers. So getting everything ready for the potluck tonight was a little strenuous, there were raised voices, and first-name calling. Sorry Bryn.

We made the same rice recipe from Tuesday and added coconut milk. A little can that I hacked open because I STILL can't figure out how to use my knife. It cost 99 cents at Sunflower Market, where Bryn and I spent a while playing with all the tester lotion like 12 year olds at Bath and Body Works. It is the reason I smell like weed and cupcakes (sorry - patchouli) and Bryn smells like lavender pillow in the sun... left out for 2 months and rained on. (That's Egyptian Musk)

Aside from the rice, which turned out really well despite the fact that I took the cover off the pan (ditz newbie move, thanks David)
we made some 'mystic yogurt' that I found on Jamie Oliver's webpage.
It's super easy and you can eat it for any meal you like, and it's almost completely dormet.

Orange (sliced up naked-like)
Apple (pieces, not my favorite thin slices)
**Referring to food in chunks is unattractive. Chunks are for spewing, as in puke.***
Banana (nickels?!?)
Vanilla Yogurt
Honey (a nice drizzle)
Cinnamon (dash - only thing you might not be able to find at the dining hall, but if you put this brew in a cup and eat it on the way to Econ, you could stop at Laughing Goat and get a hit from the bar)

Everyone ate everything while the mentalist speaker told Sean to think about something that made him wildly ecstatic and to open a hole through a chore to get a look at the fun thing, but to not tell us what it was. That and Nate's commentary were a really nice compliment to our family dinner.

Hot DOG!

Eric and I made the whole commute to Denver last night.
Not for my passport.
Not to do homework.
We went for hotdogs!
It was so worth it.
We didn't have to walk far to Larimer (?) with our neighbor/friend Stephanie, and we all agreed to get something different.
The place is called Biker Jim's and you can read about his story here.
They have macaroni and cheese hot dogs which I WILL get next time I go, and lots of other crazy things:
Wild boar, elk, veal, buffalo, reindeer, pheasant, yak....
We got the 'something different' stuff because when you go out for hotdogs, they best be good.
I got a Bat Dog. No, not really bats. It's described as a heavily smoked bacon brat with tomato cream cheese avocado foam caramelized onions and cotija cheese.
Though I would NEVER describe any kind of vegetable as foamy and try to sell it (thats on par with the term 'cheese bags')
this thing was delicious. I just looked up cotija cheese, the 2 seconds I spent absorbing information tell me that it's some kind of old hard cow's milk. I'm obviously not a connaisseur.
Like, this place would turn any vegan carnal.
My sister got a burger with an egg on it because she's an individual, my mom got a Waatlander Dog because I think she
a) wishes she was German (or Austrian actually)
b) misses Das BierHaus.

Eric got a rattlesnake/pheasant thing because he's extreme.
We also split a shake (good but I wasn't in the mood for one) and some home made potato chips. Cool points!
OH OH OH! Other best part:

Chipotle brownie cinnamon ice cream sandwich. Holy cuss wow you just need to try one. Spicy chocolate is my favorite thing in the whole world. I'll be making some of those crazy cayenne cacao nib lime cookies this weekend hopefully.

On a dormet note, if you don't want to go to Denver for an ice cream sandwich, you can panini a cookie at C$C, break it in half, and put some creemee between. Not bad.

Tomorrow is Opening Day for the Rockies, April Fool's, AND Fun Friday which means an early run, pastries/granola, beer n brats at 10 30 with my Uncle Danny's family, and a nice tan line. Look for that post, it'll be a good one!

29 March 2011

Let's Talk Rice

It's good to be home, ransacking the streets of Sewall....

Revelation: A bag of white rice does not mean a bag of boring.

Here's what you need:
1 cup of white rice
Mushrooms and spinach from the salad bar
An apple from the fruit basket
Cranberries from the oatmeal station at breakfast
A little bit of milk
Shredded coconut (Isn't that what your mom gives you when you come home for a dentist appointment?)
Almonds (Kind of a stock item over here in Dormetland)

How To: We simmered the rice for 15ish minutes while we ran to the dining hall to fetch our vegetables and maybe one or two pickle spears... Faulkner might've snagged a corner off some carrot cake when nobody was looking but you didn't hear it from me. We stopped to chit chat with some building mates and it turns out thats the exact amount of time our little ricies needed because they were patiently waiting with all the water boiled away.

Now for the flavor incoming: coconut and milk! We would've used coconut milk but that's a delicacy round this neck of the woods. I keep breaking into different regional accents, I'm sorry I'll tone it down. OK. So throw that coconut-milk impostor in and then some cranberries for a nice tang. The spinach goes in next which'll wilt nicely and probably loose 95% of its nutritional content. Mushrooms next. And then let Faulkner slice up the apples all itsy-bitsy for crunch factor oh and toss in some roasted almonds for that too! And waaa-laaa. Except I'm in French 1020 so I'll say voila. It was a summer rice salad exotic food dream. Make it please. Or since most of you readers are tri bugs, we'll make it again for Thursday's potluck! I hope I didn't talk it up to be better than it was.

PS. Dormet is an empire. Check us out.

PPS. When I tell you this next thing, I expect you to get out of your chair and dance because THE FARMERS MARKET is BACK. SATURDAY! You're not dancing. Watch our produce loving friend Eric, he'll show you how in a real-time reenactment of his initial response....

26 March 2011

Postcards from Mexico

Dear Internet, I was not kidnapped by banditos, just had some shady internet service in Mexico. I ordered my first legal margarita and I ate fresh shrimp everyday. I don't care to see a corn tortilla for a little while. I missed being able to drink from the faucet. I learned I am far too young to be so good at Scrabble. I killed a lot of my skin cells. We ran out of cereal on the last day so I put cut up bananas and broken tortilla chips with some milk and sugar.....a traveller's Frosted Flakes of sorts. I need some sink water. See you soon, Bryn

25 March 2011

What the cuss is colorado crunch cake?!

If you can specifically answer why City Market deems that round mystery Coloradan and crunchy, I'll make you one.

A lot of people search this one, so I'll tell you how I would make it.
Make an angelfood cake with peaches. Ginger rum frosting on top with heath bar crunchy things. You best have a sweet tooth. If that's too much, go with almond crunch from the bulk bins.

Just a few Steamboat reviews:
Friendliest place I've ever been, aside from rural Canada.

Nicole, David, and I checked out some pretentiously beautiful hot springs on Thursday instead of riding the slushy ice, and did a nice hike down the mountain to town. When we got there we went to Winona's, a local favorite-y type place where I'm sure they can tell a ski tourist before you get to the counter. They were super accommodating though, with $4 kids stuff (best $4 burger I've ever seen) and my new favorite soup: Chicken Corn Tortilla. We'll make it this week.
That was followed by cookies the size of David's face (he's in 4th grade) that they warmed up for us and everything. We even scored a glass of free milk! I had an amazing soft but chewy oatmeal heath thing, and the youngins both got this crazy brownie cookie with powdered sugar. Definitely a keeper.

I also learned a lot about beer this week because my aunt got a Left Hand mixer box thing and some Mama's Little Yella Pils, which is a pun for pilsner. I needed that explanation.

According to Wikipedia, pilsner is a type of pale lager originating in the Czech Republic. Cool! As for the Left Hand stuff, they make a bunch of really good things, but Stranger, an American pale ale is especially good. So is their IPA, 400 lb Monkey. If anything, I just like staring at the artwork on the bottles - they remind me of Magic Hat in VT.

My aunt made kung pow one night too - so easy! It's just chicken, peppers, soy, and a bunch of Hoisin, another new ingredient. Woo hoo! She also made these killer scones that did not taste fake and dumb like usual. I'll have to ask her for some help there because we never got around to making them together.

Last review: Johnny B. Good Diner.
Kinda corny deal with lots of license plates and Elvis pictures everywhere, but fun environment. It's one of those places that boasts their shake/malt flavors and puts them in a metal cup. Sweet! But, they're not that great. Go to Convention Grill or something in Minneapolis instead because chocolate sauce in a shake is totally passe.

What is not passe is anything that comes in pita bread. Especially avocados onions peppers and cheese! Soooo good. Chips and a pickle top off with a nice classic feeling.

OH! Or ricotta. Favorite dish ever. I'm pretty sure I paid like 20 euro for some cooked veggies with ricotta on the side in Italy once because none of us could read the menu and I've never had so much fun eating cheese with a fork.
It goes into spaghetti really well if the plain stuff is too boring.

Now I'm sitting on the stairs waiting for econ, thinking about how much I want chicken and waffles since I ate leftover chicken from my mom for dinner last night (plus arugula and this crazy orange oil) and breakfast this morning. It was all breaded and local and I put maple syrup on it and ohhhhh man I can't wait.

Were you looking for something dormet? Too bad, campus is dead during spring break. Eat your granola with bananas instead of milk, and make a lot of quesadillas ih your snackster with the stuff you scored from Steamboat.

24 March 2011


Bryn's in Mexico. I'm in Steamboat. Tears.

But! Stories from us both!! (hopefully...)

Here's what I got:
I'm staying with my cousins and aunt, taking my uncle's place. They're up here with another family from Minneapolis.

They both have four kids.

Remember how proud we were on family dinner night cooking for 12 people?
I don't know how they do it. Teena whipped up fajitas in like half an hour the other night, and they were absolutely bomb stellar. She told me how to roast the peppers on high heat with not a lot of oil or anything, and some garlic. Add some refried beans, put everything in bowls on the table, and 8 kids are happily fed. That's the most important thing I've learned about feeding kids - you cut everything up into small amounts, tell them they can only have one until everyone else has had some, and the portions go MUCH further. I think I'll start doing that at school.

We've been eating well at breakfast - I lost a race to 11 year old Jack down 3 miles of green so I made them pancakes the other day, and we made some chocolate chip cookies where you had to dissolve the baking soda in water first. I'm not sure what that does, but they came out hard instead of soft (kinda fun change) and the bus trip with two small girls to buy chocolate chips was certainly an adventure.

BY the way - I have like $30 of gas savings at Safeway. What do I do?

After chasing 3 guys through double black chutes, a terrain park, and a half pipe yesterday and SEVEN children under 12 around 3 mountains today, I'm on Faulknertimebreak. You know what that means right?

Eggs. Cuss yeah.

AND they have a toaster here. Score!

I added some chili powder to the fajita leftovers, oregano to the eggs, pepper, and put them all together. Serve with raspberry jam and butter on toast? I'm sooo on spring break in the Rockies.

Goldbugs everyone.

21 March 2011

Peanut Butter x 1,000,000

Start with this:

Dormet and the Tri team went to Lake Havasu this weekend!

And let me tell you, it was quite the trip. Despite being the trashiest excuse for a city I've ever been to, Havasu proved itself as a good spring break destination, because we had fun, upheld our reputation, and will be back only once a year. To compete.
Girls and guys both dominated the race and our campsite. I'm surprised that the friendly people cooking steak near us actually wanted to hang out, because we were pretty loud.

There were definitely some people checking out our dormet lifestyle, so we had to turn our resources into something. So, peanut butter, bananas, and tortillas were spiced up with blueberry jam or granola. Bryn did something with an avocado and turkey. I ate Justin's PB/Honey like nobody's business, and when I gave one to Bryn even though we're not married, so gratefully told me that it "tastes like a yuppie in my mouth."

The awards ceremony was held at a place called Taco Chiquitos or something, and there were two stripper poles. AND we didn't even eat at the IHOP in Grand Junction because my carpooolers said the expression on my face was priceless when I saw how much black and blue eyeshadow our waitress was wearing. SO we walked out and went to City Market because Rudy kept cracking jokes about blue things and I couldn't keep a straight face and noone wanted to pay $8 for creepy pancakes.

Did you want another good quote? We had a lot of deep conversations like,
"YOU GUYS. Sex is a human EMOTION." I'll let the speaker justify and claim that one if he chooses.

staple tri food

Bryn's real smile (almost)

This girl knows how to eat veggies!

Happiest team member EVER

Hot DOG look at that style. Best driver in the background. He got us 100 miles on 1/4 tank.


...I need a good female pun for beefcake

The new kid, bein' an awesome new kid

"good looks and charm"

Showering in the lake

Rob's great

Here's something nice to leave off with that my friend Jesse shared with me.

17 March 2011

Stress Eating

What do you do when you're headed to Havasu?
Stress eat.
It's awesome though, because the only food I have access to is fruit and bread and cheese.
By that I mean that I've been eating things like 2 oranges and 3 apples before 2 pm and half a baguette for lunch.
That baguette was delicious though. Here's what you do:
Buy it from the bakery.
Bring it up to the CForce.
Butter and raspberry jam! And then finish the rest with some muenster cheese. Mmmm.
Or be refined and put turkey, cheese, guacamole, and some vegetables. You can guess who ate what.
While Bryn is sitting in a car, I'm here in my spacious house drinking cranberry juice plus orange juice with REAL ice cubes. Sucka!! Not really. She'll be laughing when I get in at 8 tomorrow.
See you all next week!

16 March 2011


I love SNL. Since we're not doing much cooking, this is for you. Watch it before Hulu takes it down!

14 March 2011

Pink Potatoes

There is only one reason why I am not at swim practice right now: almonds. I haven't had any almonds in a heck of a long time because they're not really a dorm food. But I went home this last weekend and my mom gave me this bag of fancy California roasted and salted almonds. First mistake.

Then Faulkner made me a....well...."Faulkner-esque" dinner. What I mean by that is broccoli, pineapple, grapes, and the real show-stopper......drumroll.......STRAWBERRY MASHED POTATOES!

Nope. Your eyes did not deceive you. Strawberry. I was homeworking so I left her to her kitchen shenanigans. But I took a break to fill up my water bottle only to find Faulkner over a pot of pink hued potatoes. This is about how the dialogue went:

B:"What did you put in there. Why are the potatoes pink. What is that. What did you do."
B:"Whaaaat. Tell me. That's not normal. Faulkner, What is it, what is it, whatisit."
F:"Uhmm. Yogurt?"
exchanged glances....
F:"I-forgot-to-get-milk-and-I couldn't use just butter so I-put-yogurt in and I thought it was vanilla-but-it was-strawberry and it was fat-free but I used it anyways and I didn't-think-you'd-find-out; if you put-pepper in it, it might off set the-fruitiness!"

So we ate strawberry mashed potatoes for dinner. She tried to convince me it was like eating a bagel with strawberry cream cheese but I still don't believe her.

Second mistake. Faulkner leaves me alone with a bag of almonds for twenty minutes. Homework and an open bag of almonds, eh- never again. I'm left in bed with an upset stomach. Googled "why does my stomach hurt after almonds?" Answer: almond intolerance. So, I'm going to put the almonds away for a while.

Now, you're probably wondering why I'm not blaming strawberry mashed potatoes....but it's not their fault. Almonds are the better culprit. And I don't want to cyber-nix Faulkner's culinary career before it begins, cause that's what friends do. (Watch strawberry yogurt mashed potatoes be her restaurant specialty one day) But I am sorry I dropped a cellphone on her head, not so friendly.

13 March 2011


Have you missed my obnoxious posts on F*cebook?
We have been prioritizing. For Bryn that means getting ready for Havasu this weekend. For me that means getting ready to get ready for Havasu this weekend, and making sure I don't bomb my classes.
But, food being one of our greatest priorities, we still involved ourselves in the great culture.

First, review on Mountain Sun:
Cool atmosphere, awkwardly small table, delicious burger (they don't ask how you like it cooked) with bleu cheese and basil. Could have more flavor, but good for a craving.

It's St. Patrick's Day weekend because everyone will be sick of it by the time it rolls around on Thursday!
We made Mr. potato head leek soup and guinness chocolate cake. Both were stunninglydecadent and I put all the soup in jars and we still have some. Yay!

The cake has a nice bitter taste, but is still moist and the chocolate frosting Bryn magically whipped up out of the cream cheese I stowed away in a hollowed out Kaiser Roll was impressive and added the right amount of sweetness.

Review: My Brother's Bar
Denver. Feels like a sweet pub, sells Girl Scout Cookies, wraps your average but comforting burger in waxy paper, brings out a condiment tray. Cute, but environmentally unsustainable. Used to be frequented by Jack Kerouac and some other dude that was important during that time. Anyway, mustard and relish on a burger are a good way to end a rough day.

Smoothie to be had with cake before a WIN frisbee game:
lots o ice
rest of the frozen blueberries (finally!)
3 bananas
1 cup of yogurt

Review: Atlas Purveyors
SO good!! They have a list of teas comparable to the one at Dobra and massive chalkboard paint walls.
Pretty good zuluchai with African rooibus tea.
Bryn got slushie tea with chai and coconut. It was amazing and we're going to recreate it.

Last review: Encore Restaurant in Denver.
Can you say egg cheese bacon multigrain bread WITH the skinny french fries (pommes frites) IN IT?!
Aww yeah.
Beautiful blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes too.

Does anyone know what the requirements for a chimichanga are?!

11 March 2011

Birthday Princess

It was our friend David's birthday, so we made him birthday pancakes. And put cake batter in them. And sprinkles. And coated them in a vanilla glaze. The sprinkles kind of-sort of gave it a little girl feel, but he didn't seem to mind. The manly size of the pancake stack counteracted it. All we were missing was a candle and a birthday sing-a-long but Faulkner and I agreed that that's too conventional.

We woke up at 7:00am to make 'em and Faulkner knocked on my door at 7:03am. I rolled out of bed and we stirred on my dorm room floor as a courtesy to my neighbors. I spilt powdered sugar EVERYwhere which we decided is unavoidable with powdered sugar. Then Faulkner got the flapjacks on the frying pan, and I got the vanilla glaze together which was essentially just powdered sugar and a little bit of milk.
Definitely tastes better than a "happy birthday" written on your fbook wall.

10 March 2011

Free Dinner (Almost)

Have you been missing our thrice a day posts? Us too, but we have to get our acts together and graduate if we ever want to move up in the world. Which means -tears- cutting down on cooking ALL the time. Don't worry, I eat oatmeal in my room now because we STILL have Eric's granola and we made fresh pasta with tomatos and an egg beat in and eggs on delicious Breadworks bread this week, but here's the exciting part:
We went OUT last night! Like, to a restaurant! And now in retrospect, I'm wondering why we didn't take pictures. Anyway, it's called the Kitchen and it's right next to Salt on Pearl Street.

The inside has huge ceilings, blue detailing, glass light shade things, and blue and yellow tiles on the floor studded by the occasional mosaic. The chairs at the bar are dark wood grain and all the waiters wear gray silk shirts tucked into jeans with a fahncy belt.

Also, unless they're under 22, all the male waiters have a rouge rustic beard, mussy brown hair with that semi mohawk thing pushed up in the front that went out of fashion in VT last year. It's a look that says, I'm rugged AND pretentious!

Despite that, the fresh air, locality, and openness led us to feel like we were in that very Vermont. Or maybe it's because I spent half an hour talking about it.

We got two slow roasted pork sandwiches and had fun pouring water out of one of those jars with the closing lever cork thing. Like on a sugar jar? The sandwiches were on delicious bread spread with some kind of basily delicious that I know I've had before but I can't place. The pork was not super flavorful, and I think the spread took responsibility for the flavor. The sandwich came with a side of potato salad, which was cold potatoes in a light mustardy mix and some fresh greens. Yum.

We had a coupon, so we didn't get charged for our meal, so we left a three dollar tip (he'll be happy) and ran. It was like legal dining and dashing.

I wanted dessert to go with such a nice dinner that ended while it was still light out, so we went to farrand and swiped a rootbeer and a Boulder ice cream. Bryn looked up what we need for dinner tomorrow and I poured rootbeer into the little cup meticulously, enjoying the way the rootbeer freezes around the ice cream.

Then Bryn went to study French while I tried to pass out (eek I'm sick) at 8. That didn't work, and she came to raid my room for oranges at 9. Then I passed out. Look for a post soon about Irish dinner!

07 March 2011

Money Can't Buy Me Love

But blenders can. So thanks Mom. After running so many laps on a track that we started to feel like gerbils, it was good to not extend that notion by eating oats in the dining hall. Instead we swiped some chocolate milk, bananas and ice and put it in our new blender for a killer recovery smoothie. It gave me a brain freeze that traveled from my head through my esophagus all the way down my spine until Faulkner told me a little trick; put your tongue on the roof of your mouth. She totally made it up- but it calmed me down. Since we made enough smoothie for 5 people we got creative after the first serving and added blueberries and then coffee for a little pick-me-up.

I beg to be forgiven for putting the Beatles and Vanilla Ice in the same post.

Dumpster Diving

I'm a little addicted to Denver. And scavenging.

But guess what we found sitting right on top of a trashcan while walking to my house?!

A GIANT MUFFIN TIN!! With 12 spots! We're going to make tarts!!
Tart as in delicious pastry, not derogatory term for promiscuous female used in kids' shows because they don't know what it means.

Gosh, you guys, I can hear your scoffing and twisting up your face already. Don't worry, my mom put it in the super steamy dishwasher, so it is completely germ free.

We ate very well yesterday; my mom picked up some delicious pastrami from Marczyk's and made us mustard sandwiches in the panini maker to partially satisfy Bryn's craving. We just need to make one with yellow mustard now.

6 hours of homework later (did you hear that David?) and 4 hours of smelling the delicious dinner that was cooking, we sent Bryn home on the bus with a CHICKEN TACO and a tin cup of delicious. My mom slow cooked the chicken in the oven full of taco-y smells (not the fake ones either) and shredded it up. We poked at it pretty frequently throughout its cooking life, snarfing it up with that flourless chocolate cake and Girl Scout Cookies. Actually I did that. Bryn was more refined.

Note on Girl Scouts: using young children with cute little voices and big eyes to sell stuff for a big corporation. Think about that. And how many lives Girl Scouts has changed. Maybe it balances out.

I caught the 6:53 bus home in the morning. That means I got up at six, ran around trying to find the clothes I wore yesterday and the pink sweater my mom entrusted to me (Mom I cant find it will you look for it please?) and aggressively put some jam on toast, raided the fridge, and ran out the door.

It was all foggy and mysterious outside like the last day of our trip to Italy in Milan, and as I swallowed the toast and a honey crisp apple, I decided that I am happy here. Mostly. I'm feeling nostalgic about the Ben and Jerry's festival in Waterbury, some other festival I can't remember, Bread and Puppet, The Alchemist, American Flatbread, and hitting B&J, Burton, and Lake Champlain in a 6 mile hike in one night looking for good dumpster artifacts.

At the bus stop I dropped a piece of cake on the ground, hoping no one noticed that I ate it anyway (stop doing that with your face I don't get sick EVER because of such habits) and read about the lovely brick buildings on Market Street. Then the bus took MORE THAN AN HOUR to get back to Boulder and I walked into recitation 30 minutes late. Score.

The best part? Eating a chicken taco and blogging in International Affairs Lecture, because it's on FDI which I just wrote a paper about on the bus. I should switch majors pronto.

The weird thing about tacos is that stuff falls out a lot, they can get soggy, and I don't like biting off the top because it's just bread. It reminded me of a product that my friend Maria and I designed last year in Econ called Tongajack. It was a cheese pocket that you could put all your sandwich ingredients in and melt together so nothing fell out and you got a delicious cheesy snack. It didn't take well because Duncan kept calling it a cheese bag and no one really got where we were coming from. Our commercial, starring Keenan, Xavier, and Ana at our elite senior campout didn't catch either. We played that Major Lazer song while Xavier fed Ana a hot dog bun. Keenan was sad because he couldn't get any ladies without a Tongajack. I would do anything to find that video.

I think this is the song, but I'm not sure since I'm in lecture and I can't check.

05 March 2011

Family Dinner

I think we're ready to open a restaurant. Not really, but we're getting close.
Bryn, Joey, Emily and I cooked for about 15 people Friday night, and fed about 12. It was the biggest undertaking of my entire college experience so far aside from climbing 4 14ers, and we pleasantly surprised a buncha triathletes, a frisbee coach, a rock climber, and a mountaineer by pulling it off. AND it was almost entirely dormet; everything we served came from the dining halls except some of the noodles.

Here's what was on the menu:

Salad: Inspired by Vermont's American Flatbread with mixed greens, celery, shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, and this crazy thing Bryn does mixing the cranberries, walnuts, and feta together then adding them in. BOMB stellar idea.

Bread: Eric brought us two loaves and I grabbed a third for good measure. We almost killed all of it, and used the extra for French toast this morning.

Baked Macaroni: I brought back the roux but this time with four kinds of cheese. We mixed elbows, rigatoni, penne, and shells together with the roux (which you really can't add enough cheese as long as it still stirs - your noodles should stick together more than mine did) and put it in at 350 for maybe 25 minutes. The top was garnished with Annie's bunnies, Late July cheddar crackers (cheez-its), and some rye bread crumbs.

Carrots: This was a big debate that we decided to go for in the end just in case. You're supposed to fill a skillet with water, steam some baby carrots, let the water evaporate, and sautee them around with some brown sugar and butter. I tried to do too many at once so they got discolored, but they weren't bad, especially with roasted almonds.

Apple Fringe: Again, we called on a known winner for this one. Joey cut up a billion apples for this beauty while Bryn diluted some caramel with water to drizzle over the whole thing. We sprinkled Eric's granola on top.

Dinner went really well after that. Our triathlete friends Ryan and Maggie and Stephanie alerted us of their arrival by shouting from the sidewalk kind of like Rapunzel, and no one was awkwardly late.

My sister was a good sport about hanging out with college kids, Joey was an awesome sidekick, and Bryn tolerated comments like,
"I would like to kindly suggest that when you take something off the burner, you turn the heat off."

We plated everything up in the kitchen, put out a pitcher of ice water (whatever happened to all those lemons?) scrounged dining-ware, and even got some pop. Not that we needed it. Only four hands were raised when I asked who actually drank soda. Shoulda known. I still think that as a treat, Hansen's root beer is absolutely undeniable every once in a while...

We decompressed from our supermega housewifey stress out by doing dishes and listening to songs like "maneater" by good old Nelly. That was a funny blast from the past.

The night concluded with hugs, Rango (I really am in love with Johnny Depp), high fives in the kitchen, and some comments about how cute my apron was. Too bad it was my pretty summer dress. I smiled, but do you know what I was thinking? I'm sure you do, but just in case....

Look for an event page on F*cebook. This will become a weekly event and we will be celebrating Mardi Gras on Tuesday.
Peace and Lurve, yall.

We are so Hip, Your Pelvis Better Watch Out

That's right.
We're hip.

And we're keeping on top of our food trends.
Today's trend is Caramel Sea Salt. We've seen it in ice cream, cupcakes and now it's in our brownies.

While Faulkner was working for FIVE hours, the only logical thing I could think to do was bake- so bake I did. I melted some butter with our cocoa powder and plenty of sugar until it was sweet enough for me. Next, I added two eggs because one didn't seem like enough and three seemed like too many. Then I added flour and the batter started to get really thick so I was scared the brownies wouldn't turn out right; so I didn't tell Faulkner I was making them. That-away if they were not brownie-licious I could just throw 'em away in the dumpster behind Sewall or feed them to a squirrel.

I cooked half the batter for ten minutes and then added a caramel-sea-salt creation with the rest of the batter and let them cook for another twenty. Snapped a few glamour shots and put them in the fridge for chill time.

Faulkner and I are now going to deliver them a great distance to Denver for her mom who always feeds us graciously.

Before you finish this song Sea Salt and Caramel will be yesterday's news....good thing Faulkner's hungry after standing and putting turkey through the meat cutter for five hours.

03 March 2011

Last Night

I went home.

Steak and feta/ham and cheese crepes


Stacy's Chips

Flourless chocolate cake


Staying in college

Breakfast at the Market with Emily

First breakfast? Lucky Charms, Apricot jam toast, orange creamsicle, pineapple coconut juice. Score.

Me walking around Denver with a pitcher containing an avocado, a banana, a gum wallet, and a notepad.

A note on those gross-nasty sandwiches at the Sewall grab n go:
If you open them up and rip the turkey/fluff it a little bit and take out all the veggies... do it.
Hollow some bread out of the top to eat while you wait.
Now put it in the microwave until the cheese melts.
Now add the veggies back, having deconstructed them at least a little thinner. Add green apple, avocado, your roommate's White Girl salsa, and mayyybe a little apricot jam stolen from home. Put on Billy Bragg.
That's... if you'll pardon the expression that I rarely to never use... a sexy sandwich.