18 February 2011


We like how this blog thing is going.

We like you.

We like publicity.

I like attention.

So, we propose an exchange. If you post our blog on your facebook status, we'll compensate you. BUT! There's a catch.

No one cares about a food blog on Friday night when they're pounding PBR to get up the nerve to go play flipcup.

They do care about something to read when they don't want to do their homework. Here is what I suggest.

We'll give you a cookie if you post the link and something nice tomorrow from 12 - 8 pm, or Sunday from 10 am - 10 pm.

Prime traffic hours? We'll up our bid. 3 cookies if the post stays up for four hours.

Spam 10 of your friends' walls? We'll cook you dinner. And it will be better than anything you can find in the dining halls.

Leave us a comment telling us where to go to see how awesome you are and what kind of cookie you want.

Peace and love, chicks and brodeos.