07 February 2011

While We Were OUT

You missed a whole lot!

Our most sincere apologies for leaving you hanging, our 15 followers.

Thursday is becoming a tradition called International Thursday, where we hang out at the Boulder Hostel.

We got some Boulder Baked, I gave away a cookie (to spread joy!) and ate the best pizza in the world at Abo's, where a stringed jam session dominated the warm happy space.

Oh, you wanted to know what was on it?

Spicy marinara, fancy olives, ricotta, and basil. Not my creation, but you're welcome anyway.

Friday.... I don't remember. It's too far away. I think we may have made breakfast. No.... we didn't. But Bryn did buy dinner for us at Tokyo Joes without being there! David and I enjoyed her hard Triathlete work in a giant bowl of Tokyo American goodness and walked back to Arnett.

As it turns out, CU much more highly values its nerds than it's Liberal Arts-History oriented freshmen, because they have a hUGE kitchen with a refrigerator, dishwasher, a billion utensils, sink that doesn't freeze over, elbow room, and cabinets.

Anyhow, we made peanut butter balls for David's giant bike ride whose secret recipe I got from my good friend Marga out East.

Maybe I'll share it with you once I take some pictures. Remind me.

Friday also was..... Time Trial Make up!! Two discoveries:
1. Bryn can swim and run fast on Red Bull. It really does give you wings.
2. I am an athlete. I'm actually going to start trying now.

Saturday I worked after we made some delicious scramble with an egg, steamed shrooms and spinach, and cheese.

After a freezing and wet ride home, Bryn and I caught the bus to Denver. We obviously got coffee on the way... but we're gonna start making our own, don't worry.

Dinner? POUTINE!!

This is a crazy French/Canadian shtory about poor corn farmers. They didn't have anything else to eat, so they put some french fries in a bowl, covered them in gravy, and sprinkled a generous helping of cheese curds on top. It brought peace to the region.

We found this peace with wild mushrooms and steak at Euclid Hall, where we ate at the bar while the bar tender, who looked like Charlie from Lost made fun of us the whole time because we are under drinking age. That includes eye contact while taking a big drink of some chocolate stout business. I should really start trying to order drinks with self confidence that would not induce I.D. checking.

We went home for some soup with beans and bacon and lettuce (yum!) and the butter that tasted better than the bread it was on. That is some good butter. It was clean tasting, like it had just been churned under cold water or something.

Breakfast? Hehe....
Local sausage
Happy Eggs
Cooked bread
Crepes with jam and cinnamon apples
I think that's all...

Linner? Oh la la....
Local hamburger with cheese, pickles, peppers, avacado

Nutella Hot Chocolate

White Cake. I don't know what this is, maybe my mom can contribute the recipe? Want to do a guest post mom?
It was so good that we ate it continuously.

Which inspired me to start thinking about a day long culinary experience when Bryn said something about the vanilla balancing out the hot chocolate from earlier. What if you could tie the whole day together in a balanced and exciting fashion?

Also, I'm working on this one a little bit. Remind me in 3 days. Emotional Cooking.


  1. You have no idea of how much I enjoyed this post, and then, waiting for me was a fresh fresh cappuccino with am mocha twist! I think you forgot candied bacon for breakfast...

  2. this is my favorite post so far!