25 February 2011


Can you say classy?!
Good, because it's my new favorite word.

Bryn found this recipe at a New York based blog when I think I said something about needing to incorporate more dorm food ingredients into our cooking. So she typed in apple sauce and a pyramid of single serving containers later, we created this!

We followed the recipe almost exactly, but substituted almonds for walnuts since walnuts cost eight cussing dollars a nut...and omitted ginger and cloves because we live in a dorm where the most exciting spice is pepper or soy sauce. Or Italian seasoning. We substituted these elusive garnishes for a dash of garam masala. It adds complexity to our homey cake, and it's fun to say.

A word on roasting almonds:

It's a really good way to cover up the smell of everything that people leave on the burner. You mash them up in a plastic bag with a glass soy sauce bottle while the RA is trying to study and put them in a pan on medium heat. No butter or oil needed for once. Crazy right? Of course, it wouldn't be dormet without added something so I added some brown sugar and honey. Just a little. You have to move the almonds constantly, because they burn really easily. Take them off right when they start to turn really brown. They should taste especially nutty, smell like cookies, and the little pieces should be slightly burnt.

You'll know if they smell like cookies if two guys walk down the hall yelling "COOKIE POLICE" and pass you awkwardly as they realize there is no cookie to procure.

We're bringing this beauty to our team potluck tonight, where we'll get the final review.
I'll let you know the consensus because I have to be back early for a skype date with Krista!

Fiona Apple like applesauce, get it? Got it? Good.

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  1. that is my favorite fiona apple song everrrr and used to play it NON STOP in high school... do you know the food mag, Cooks Illustrated...very informative...we live by it. Cake looks tasty!