08 February 2011

We got ourselves a table!

At 10:00 last night, I was told to go to the courtyard, where a friend was waiting with a table for our kitchenette!

He and his friend trekked it all the way over from the hill in the snow, got stopped by the campus cops who said they looked suspicious (I guess maybe a little bit), and carried it up for us. What a deal! I have to give them some of those gluten free cookies.

And a quick shout out to my friend Gabby, who just started a cupcake blog! Check it out!


As we all know, unless your mom makes it, oatmeal looks kind of like Davy Jones' Locker, a never-ending torrent of fibery oats plunking around in hot hot water. mmmmmmm.

Uhm anyway... get your oats, dawg.

Add a hefty amount of raisins and cranberries to balance out the monotony! Add 1 spoon brown sugar.

Walk over to the drink section. Head for the coffee.... see that half and half cream stuff? Yeah. Do it.

Just a splash will make your oatmeal taste home made and happy! Enjoy those warm fuzzies.

Or, as my econ professor put it after auctioning off coke, you have two options for a person to take on a date. One makes you feel like $100 (this is in a British accent by the way), but costs $60 to take out. The other only makes you feel like $80, but the dates gonna cost you $20. Thus, your consumer surplus for the latter is $20 MORE, so you'll take out the OK date, but not the one that gives you that "fizzle-wizzle." He said it, not me.

AND, if you're feeling like a true gangster, add some butter.

I am not condoning the language in this video, but if you're feeling gangsta and it feels good, Geto Boys is running through my head, and it could be running through yours, but I'm not going to post it on here given our family-friendly viewing audience.

If you decided to look it up anyway and are offended, watch this instead, it will make you more happy.

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