26 February 2011

Twenty Five Pounds is a lot of Granola

I stumbled upon the recipe for these beauties on a nice little site called Whipped.

And with the instigation of the "No Homework on a Saturday" law, turning on this charming melody David showed me and baking a tower of unconventionally thin cookies is the best way to run out the clock.

Twenty five pounds really is a lot of granola. That's like a small child or, I don't know, a twenty five pound disc weight for the bench press. Lucky for us, Eric can't eat that many oats and he hands the leftovers down to us! All the other ingredients were in our bookcase of pantry staples except the raisins/cranberries which we robbed from the oatmeal station in the dining hall. So while Faulkner pizza-ed, I got the cookie dough together but needed a helping hand for butter whisking part since I have zero upper body strength.

Then I spilt the giant container of granola but it's hard to get upset with that mbira playing. Plus it didn't even make a dent in our granola reserve. So I used Paul, the vacuum, (yes, they give the vacuums names here in Boulder.....equality dude....) to clean the place up and got back to the baking. I made too much dough....like three batches too many but who can complain about extra cookies?

Well, maybe our triathlon coach....with all this baking we might be fattening ourselves up and our innocent teammates too....and it's getting dangerously close to regionals. Next time we'll use the oats to make cookies with protein powder in a rectangular shape, cough cough, I mean "homemade protein bars."


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