10 February 2011

There Is a lot of Sugar Running Through Our Veins Around Now

Baking week continued tonight with an E.T. inspired cookie.....drumroll.....Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cookies! We felt like established bakers tonight because we barely used a recipe and replaced shortening (ahhh trans fat!) with butter and used guesstimated amounts of baking powder. Now note these don't taste so delicious straight out of a three hundred and seventy five degree oven. BUT! by the time we ran a dozen them over to our friend Mark (or Marc when he feels like it) at the hostel at seven pm they were pretty tasty. And yes I said ran. As in everybody was walking on the Hill to go get schwastey-faced and we were running.

So I recommend whipping together some peanut butter cookies, throwing in a pack or two (if you're having rebellious February impulses and steal a pack like me) of Reese's Pieces. The magic cowboy/circus man wants you to.


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