21 February 2011

"That's an Aggressive Riding Position" - We love the Tri Team!

When you get a text that says "I raided my house for some baking stuff for you," what do you expect?

Flour? Sugar? Awesome vegetables?

Huh uh. I dragged myself up to Eric's room where he gave me a sweet farmer T shirt, 3 bags of marshmallows, and at least 10 cups of granola, if not more. "Wow Eric... that'll make a lot of rice krispie treats..." "Exactly!!" "OH SO SMART!"
So thank you Eric, for being our culinary muse this week. Here is what we did (and when I say we I mean Bryn, mostly. I buttered the pans and ate an egg on pumpernickel. Did we tell you guys about tomato sandwiches? They're really good. Butter two pieces of pumpernickel from the day-olds and put a bunch of tomato slices on and salt. Yum. I also dug all the gooey out of the pan.)

Round 1:

Melt .25 C butter with a 16 oz (roughly) package of marshmallows.
Stir in 1 C cocoa crispies that you took from the C4orce awkwardly because you were walking around with two heaping bowls of it by yourself.
Stir in 4 C of muesli granola.
Cinnamon, duh, then press into a buttered pan. Stick it in the fridge so it will be ready before swim practice.

Round 2:

This time, add a bunch of almond butter, vanilla, a sprinkle of almonds, and cut the cocoa crispies, supplementing with granola. .Add some caramel for good measure. These are the sweeties.

Round 3:

Chocolate Therapy. (I stole that from a Ben & Jerry's flavor. I have a quote about that, remind me later.)
Redo the first step, but add a pack of hot chocolate and cut up a Chocolove Cherry Bar. Oh la la that's classy. I think it would be good with a tiny bit of chili powder.

We brought some of our creations to practice, but Nate wasn't there so we could compensate him for advertising our blog, so we gave them to our favorite girls team in the world. This is a shoutout to you all to thank you for reading this! There will be more to come once we start cooking in your fancy kitchens!

I'm bringing more to the time trial tomorrow, at which I will be riding a CANNONDALE (holy goodness I'm so excited/nervous because I've never done one) because I have at least 20 of these rascals sitting on my desk staring at me. I'm telling them no, I have to go to bed. Ergo, let me know if you want some of these.


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