15 February 2011

Spicy Love

We made egg bake again last night. But wait! There's a catch! It was LATIN egg bake!

Put this video on while you read and listen to the song. It will be important later.

We walked all the way to the C4C to collect some black beans, Seaside Sourdough (a loaf the size of a baby that we ate ALL of of the course of Valentine's Day... better than chocolate right? I guess that's a bad analogy), corn, kidney beans, jicama that Bryn threw across the room in disgust, and some mushrooms/peppers, as per usual.

Bryn also thought it would be a good idea to ask for some guacamole from the Latin station. Here is how the convo went:

Can I have some guacamole.

Lonnnng stare - do you want it with your grapefruit or on a new plate?

Lonnnng stare back - on my plate.


We also went to the bank, where someone taped a heart to the door that said "All you need is Love."
How nice for a bank!!

We put the egg bake in a pot this time to see if we could make a little less than usual. We ended up making more than usual because David came over, but lied to us and left after finishing our coffee cake. His nice tank has been on empty for the past few days. But we did appreciate him finishing it for us, because healthy week did not start off too well as Farrand was giving out Chocolove bars.

1. smoosh bread in bottom of BUTTERED pot.
2. Mix 8 eggs, a good splash of milk, and all the ingredients minus the jicama together, and pour into the pot. We used some spicy mix instead of Italian seasoning that was realllly good. Bryn will post its name.
3. Put it in the oven for 15 minutes on 350. Add a good sprinkle of goat cheese and leave in about 5 more minutes until it's all cooked. It will rise significantly, so be prepared for that.
4. Sit on the floor and hopelessly study econ, reflecting on how cooking and activeness and adventure are pushing school out of your life. Bryn will rush in with the pan while on the phone doing a "this handle is burning my hand!!!" dance.

If you're lucky, you'll receive a dirty text. What kind you say? A FOOD PORNOGRAPHY TEXT!!
I'll even share it with you:
Tonight or tomorrow when you go to the dining hall, grab pears or apples. We be roasting dem ******* in butter, orange juice/zest, sugar and cinnamon for the second course.

Listening to the song and writing that made me feel like Tom Sawyer going on a treasure hunt. Or maybe Huck Finn. In any case, Adam will be guest cooking tonight and its gonna be a real adventure.

Did you miss 2006 a little bit? Me too.

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