13 February 2011


What do you make when you wake up tired, try to play basketball but stop because of the wind, Bryn breaks the derailler off her bike, and you trek 3 miles to buy one cup of Greek yogurt, and the bus doesn't stop for you because you're invisible? You change out of your thug shorts that are AWESOME and get to the kitchen.

Back one step though first - we made some killer salad with our new tri friend last night.
Toss together. Stir in Annie's raspberry vinaigrette.
Mix goat cheese, walnuts, and cranberries.
Mix it all together.
Eat with the frozen sweet potatoes that you put in the oven. Ideally you'd add some salt and mayyybe a little honey.

Ok, we're back to the present.

"Breakfast" was a disappointing powerbar, green peppers, and mushrooms and kiwi and snackimals because the dining hall didn't have ANYTHING good. But we did drink some good tea.

Lunch was our credibility certification. We simultaneously made fancy vanilla cupcakes, blueberry coffee cake, and "fOHNcy" eggs. Bryn will tell you about how much bread we ate on Friday, Great Harvest, and the coffee cake. I'll blow your mind about how to eat an egg. In list form.

1. Make bread crumbs by cutting up a piece of frozen bread, tossing the pieces with dijon mustard and olive oil (or in our case, vegetable oil) and put it in the
2. Wilt spinach on high heat. Add just a little milk till it combines with all the spinach, and a dab of dijon mustard. Stir it all together, and put on the side. Keep it warm til the eggs are ready.
3. Cook up the eggs in your favorite style, as always. In this 66 degree weather, make it sunnyside up.
4. Sprinkle the bread crumbs over your eggs, and put the spinach nicely on the side of the egg.
5. Climb through the kitchen window onto the balcony and GET TAN. Make sure to wear the Snaz"z" MC wifebeater tank top you wore for the marathon on the team with Sachi and Gabby . It was that nice out. Be sure to bask. Sorry Vermonsties, I know you're jealous. Please come visit me, I miss you.

Here's how to make cup cakes. I halved the recipe because we ate baked goods all week, and it's really not necessary to make a dozen cupcakes. Here is exactly what I did:
1.75 C + 2T flour mixed together with your hands with approx. 1/4 t baking powder and 1/4 t salt

In another container, cream .25 stick butter with a fork. Add 1/2 cup sugar and beat some more. Beat in 1 egg. It should be combined, but don't over mix.

In yet another container, whisk together .5 cup milk, a good douse of vanilla, and .25 cup of Honey flavor Greek Goddess full flavor yogurt. Awwwhhh yeah.

Combine everything into the bowl with the eggbuttersugar mix. But wait, there's a catch. Add a little of the flour mix, barely combine, and then do the milk mix. Repeat until it's all gone, ending on the flour mix.

Carefully pour into your cupcake molds, bake on 350 for 15 minutes, rotate, and take out around 20 when they are starting to brown at the base. Shout about how good the batter tastes, and then bike really fast to Safeway to pick up more flour for Bryn's coffee cake. I zoomed there, ran into the store like a crazy person, and zoomed back in 15 minutes without falling off my bike. It's a starting point - we're going to compete to break the record running, biking, or fast walking from now on.

Make some vanilla bean frosting to go on top. You can find the recipe at vanillagarlic.com under "double vanilla cupcakes."

For the rest of the day, get done what you need to. Run or do homework. Then catch the bus to Denver for some beer braised beef, vegetable mix with pearl onions, Italian Cream Soda, and good good bread. Thanks Mom. I'll put up the Italian recipe soon. The cupcakes are for Emily's (hbmt.tumblr.com) 17th birthday, so stick a beautiful gold candle in them! Happy Birthday Emily!

Tomorrow starts healthy week and no buying anything til March. To celebrate, we grabbed Buchanan's. I swear I won't get addicted to ice mochas. Don't worry, they're too expensive.

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  1. Those cupcakes are so pretty and classy and yummy-looking! Happy Birthday to Emily! Also, your mention of thug shorts reminded me of that Tony Hawk/Shawn White video you guys made that one time and I laughed.