17 February 2011


Two BuffOne Card replacements: $50
One traffic ticket for biking through a stop sign: $100
One overdrawn checking account: $34

Almost $200 of fees with 0 consumer surplus + irresponsibility: Priceless.

That's right, I'm putting myself on life probation. I am locking myself in the library and classrooms to study, and I'm allowed to train for triathlon. And make dinner. Please support me.

Right, food.

We made salad again. It was so good. Goat cheese, cranberries, walnuts, spinach. Really nice remedy for risotto hangover.

We also made energy trail mix... or something... for our friend Mark.
Here's what was in it:
Rice chex cereal
Gorilla munch cereal
peanut butter
almond butter
agave nectar
dry milk powder
a broken up chocolove dark bar


1 comment:

  1. GASP! i didn't hear about this! you didn't tell your own sis that you got a ticket? :0