07 February 2011

I should know more about Stalin and roux.

Today marks Faulkner's most successful roux to date! And I'd like to say I was responsible for its boiling elbow noodle friends but I think Faulkner did that too. So Faulkner perfected the fractions of milk, cheese, butter and flour in her roux and I sliced the cheese in the corner and had a little self-pity party. Anyways, the roux was dressed up with some pepper, italian seasoning, red onion and some garam masala just for kicks. But when this muenster cheese roux was united with the noodles we were both in awe of the creation. It was so delicious we both ate probably a cup more than we should've.

We decided we didn't have enough butter for one night, so we threw some gluten-free chocolate chip mix in with an egg and EIGHT tablespoons of butter. We ate a decent amount of dough before baking them and eating one more. We got an aroma-approval from a total bro which warms my heart so we're attempting to bake something every night!

Then we swam eight all-out one hundreds and a million 25 yard sprints from the block.....which we decided warranted us two or three more cookies when we got back.

Maybe it was all the butter or maybe it was the chlorine, but I said something dumb about Stalin/Stalinists which sent Faulkner on a rave of a history lesson. But now I know how to make a roux and that Stalin was "voted the best person ever." I think that's what she said. But she talks really fast. There was also something about killing a man with an icepick in Mexico....

Welcome to baking week!

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