10 February 2011

Don't worry...

We're still here! But it does feel like a while.

That's because yesterday was Interpret-as-you-like-White-Wednesday.

Which means ramen, sandwich from Farrand eaten while walking, and maybe some leftover cupcakes.

BUT my cousin is in town, so we got to go out for dinner!! Woo hoo!!

All you Boulderies should know that the Sink has a $3 happy hour menu, and you can get a decent sized mini specialty pizza. For S3. That means basil, tomatoes, good cheese, wheat crust, broccoli... or if you're into mixing animals after they die, they have one called the Slaughterhouse V. AND steal the best sweet potato fries in town. They have a funky spiraly shape (NOT curly fries), maybe more like zigzags... and have just the right amount of salt. I think the only better ones are at Euclid Hall in Denver, where I'm going to marry the chef that I previously blogged about.

My cousin picked me up and we went to The Cup, which falls right behind Two Spoons for the best music selection at a coffee shop in Boulder. He told me that coffee is gross and not to get addicted to it, so we went for chai instead.

People from Boulder will recognize that Bhakti image as being ANYWHERE that sells hot caffeine, so I've been meaning to try it.

The barista happily put some cinnamon on top, I brought the cups to the table, and we tasted. "That's really gingery" was Regan's sensible remark, while I just shouted, "It tastes like December!"

Consensus: Bhakti is slightly overrated because it tastes a lot like a root, unless it is December.

We had a good talk about my family history - apparently my blood comes from a small Irish coastal town called Skerries! It all makes sense now.

Next up: Jam-stuffed chicken cooked in cola. Mmmmm.... and a recipe for reesee's cookies!

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