18 February 2011


The Equation of the Apple Tart:
Oatmeal Snackimals+
almond granola+
brown sugar+
vanilla+sea salt+
The death of healthy week.

I love math. 27-18=9. Faulkner is going to explain the nuts and bolts of the recipe because it hurts to type because I burnt the side of my palm because we use a towel for oven mitts.
Sincerely, Bryn

Uhmmm ok.
We crushed up two packs of oatmeal snackimals. and mashed them around in our favorite nonstick pan with a little less than 1/2 stick butter.

This recipe comes from a delicious coconut cream pie that my mom used to make for my dad. She got it from the black and white section of a Bon Appetit magazine. It was always so delicious because there was coconut in the crust too. Happy times when responsibility was not in my own hands.

Then halve 4 apples, dig the core out, and slice them super ultra thin, more so than in the picture. They'll make the shape better. Mix them up in some brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, and salt, and assemble in a rose pattern. We're keeping that secret to ourselves for now, mostly because I'm too impatient for brownies and 30 rock to explain it.

(The frying pan on the burner is deceptive....we don't have a pie dish so we baked this tart in the pan, there was no frying involved.)

Melt 2 T butter with 2 apples and pour it on top, and then sprinkle with granola. Yum!

As always, 350 in the oven til it looks done.

Side note: Oatmeal in your room tastes gross. Oatmeal mixed with yogurt is tolerable.

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