02 February 2011

Cold = Chili and Banana Bread

See how cold that sharp pointy flatiron looks? It looks like the heart of that evil warlock from that creepy stop animation movie from the 90's about putting one foot in front of the other and Kris Kringle. Or something.

Every school in Colorado except CU cancelled class. We're not in Vermont anymore Emily.

To cope, Bryn and I unknowingly (even though we should have since our brains are superconnected) both had chili at different points of the day.

My experience took place on a broken-down bus playing 50's music while everyone grinned at each other about the anomaly of the situation.

I ruined Bryn's experience by trying to open a can with my knife. After 30 minutes of wrestling with it on the ground, getting soup everywhere, and carving a giant yet unrelenting hole in the side of the can, I'm still not sure which feature on my Swiss army knife is the can opener.

The banana bread went a lot better. AND it's a lot easier to make than we thought it would be. We just halved the first recipe we found on allrecipe.com, and used extra butter and cinnamon. Then everything went in a muffin tin for decreased baking time and no need for a knife!

We even figured out how to half an egg.

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