16 February 2011

Classy Is a Pot of Risotto

Parmesan, paprika, and butter oh my! Well this is about as dormet as it gets around here, we had our dorm-friend Adam guest cooking and boy did he impress. This meal was so complex I'll never be able to sum it up but I'll try.

So. There was a pot of boiling beef broth with a bay leaf and probably butter? Oh and a parmesan rind. Then there was another pot with spices galore....paprika and thyme maybe?

And chopped vegetables like a yellow pepper and onion I think oh and butternut squash! Then we put the Abrorio (?) Rice in and did a stirring/adding broth dance for a good thirty or forty minutes until the rice soaked up all the broth and was soft and glorious. Then there was shaved parmesan and some other fancy cheese, Adam is sort of a junior cheese connoisseur and good company.

When it was done we all sat in a circle and didn't say a word because we were all so focused on the tastiness. Then we topped it all off with baked apples and pears that were stolen from the dining hall with maple sugar, orange zest and cranberries. And maybe some Cinnamon Bun Ben and Jerry's ice cream? But it's healthy week so you weren't supposed to know about that. I really didn't do this meal justice, so Faulkner'll probably jump in and pep it up with some extra exclamation marks, youtube videos and food pictures. Totally worth skipping film class for, sorry Professor Lewis. +Bryn

Justice time yallll! Even though Bryn did a pretty good job explaining.
Lemme highlight a few things:

I got to the kitchen at 4:48. I left, with Bryn, for coffee, at 8. That's where all my time goes, ya?

I also did about 2 hours and 15 minutes of physical activity, and Bryn did a bunch too I think so waiting an hour and a half for dinner was a painful trip back to highschool. I compensated by eating a week's worth of apples, pears, and licking fresh squeezed orange juice off my hands. Thanks Adam, that was bomb stellar.

I felt especially smug when two kids came by to use the oven to heat up their hot pocket pizza loaves. Suckas!

End result: the risotto was creamy, the spices blended together into a comforting homey aroma that piqued a little as we ate, but just enough to get the blood running a little faster, and spinach added some lively color. I got that good food high afterwards that makes me skip, run, and talk incessantly.

Which I did at the Cup, which we ok'd since I had a coupon. I think she forgot to run it though maybe. We drank the best Cafe au Lait in Boulder out of real cups (!!!) (glaring eyes at Buchanan's AND Roma) and stayed up real late doing homework in a Harry Potter Classroom. Not only classy, I'd say, but also magical is a pot of risotto.

Next up: beignets...

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  1. quick comment so I can continue to stoke my foodie ego.


    Manchego Viejo: classic spanish sheeps milk cheese produced in the land of Don Quixote, La Mancha. aged 12 months. still retains a bit of creaminess, but definitely starting to take on some funk.

    Pecorino Romano: Parmesan Reggiano's little brother, not quite as crystaline, not quite as deep of a flavor, but has it's own pleasant salty flavor that I've convinced myself goes very nicely with pumpkin or butternut squash.

    the key to this whole meal is patience and attention to detail. for example, ensuring your stock is boiling, you don't add more until the rice is dry, and you never EVER stop stirring that rice. unless one is using homemade stock, a good main-course risotto, as opposed to a substrate for sliced meat, needs to have a slowly brewed flavor base of caramelized shallots, aromatics, spices, and herbs to infuse the liquid over the long cooking time. getting this elixir ready took as long as cooking the rice. also, a heaping spoonful of smoked spanish (never hungarian, its too muddy) paprika gives wonderful flavor and a brilliant hue along with whole cumin seeds, fennel seeds, aleppo pepper flakes, thyme, and oregano. who the hell needs saffron when you have an ounce of pimentòn de la vera for 4 bucks?

    bryn and faulkner are awesome