23 February 2011

Can You Say Clumsy?

I bet I can say it faster. I dropped my clicker and books in two of my classes and tripped on the sidewalk several times today.

The perfect pick me up? Peanut butter and honey.

Here's how to make a sandwich when Bryn has to go to swim practice and you always fall asleep in Econ if you eat a heavy lunch.

1 slice of pumpernickel gets almond butter.
1 slice of pumpernickel gets a good spread of goat cheese.
Thinly slice up 1/2 a banana and lay it out like a tic tac toe board.
Drizzle with agave nectar.
Grill that.

Gross? Maybe. Refined? I'd like to think so. Its classier than the peanut butter cheese bagels that my mom likes.
In any case, we climbed out the window to sit on the balcony with our creations.
"Mmmmnom I'm eating candy for lunch," was the first thing I had to say about mine.
That's why I'm starting my diet project for nutrition tomorrow, where we record everything we eat and do for three days. I started to do it today, but after chomping down the last granola rice krispie and scoring two Boulder Baked cookies at a focus group on our opinions about alcohol, I decided that today is probably not the most representative of my eating habits.

The focus group was interesting; some students are trying to put together a campaign on being classy while drinking at CU. They're trying to turn around the "party school" notion for which we are so famous. Obviously this is hard to do when everything that goes along with getting shwastey-faced on Thursday night is about as opposite from classy as you can get. BUT I think if they started some fundamental classes on brewing or the history of alcohol to get some drinking culture out there, maybe there would be a rise in appreciation for the good stuff like 90 Shilling and Ranger IPA. With the knowledge of good beer, people could see that there is an alternative to being hung over on PBR and bad choices.

Bryn just walked into her room from the shower, where previously unbeknownst to her, I've been typing at her computer. Due to decreased oxygen in the brain, she saw a dark-haired female and naturally the first thought that came to her head was "that is me sitting at my desk." Bryn thought I was her, probably because we had almost the same dream last night.

As Jon Stewart would say, that's your moment of zen.
We're looking to put out some stickers soon, and now that I've told you, we're bound to it. Start looking for them around town this weekend!

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