01 February 2011

Are you jealous?

What about now?

Jusssst in case you didn't appreciate it yet.

Firstly, it turns out people actually read this! Woo hoo!
Which means, I have a bone to pick with you, internet world.
a) you should actually click the follow button. My ego does not need boosting because it's already through the roof, BUT, why not right?
b) since I know that you are taking in these words, I'll try to be a little more coherent, as it was phrased last night!

Anyway, this is what we made for breakfast:

Eggs, Applegate chicken apple sausage, and Muenster cheese, all cooked together happily with some pepper.

Super thin sliced apples and oranges, just like what your lunch box used to look like.

Secret Recipe Hot Chocolate. Because I learned the basics of this one from a kind soul on a Friday night, I cannot divulge his secret recipe to you all, but I will let on that we used the rest of Bryn's soy milk that she froze and reheated so as to create weird piece things. But we heated it up in the pot and used the pack of hot chocolate mix from the RA gift bag at winter finals and added a secret ingredient. And I swear, I will get my hands on some spices, one of which will be cinnamon, and that will go in next time. So good!

And... did you notice? We got a TABLE!!

And when I say we got a table, I mean that we acquired two crates and took the extension off my dresser.

Gooooo team

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