14 February 2011

Beagles Love Blueberries!

We saw two foxes on campus Friday night and I was dead set that it was Mr. and Mrs. Fox. I even gave them the trademark whistle-snap-point. Then they almost got hit by a car on Folsom Street but they didn't. And then yesterday Emily got a golden cast of Mr. Fox for her birthday eve present, which was really neat. I wish I took a picture of it. But continuing on with the grand theme of Fantastic Mr. Fox.....blueberries! Because beagles love blueberries. (alliteration!) We weren't trying to poison any dogs or anything we just wanted some cake. Now I just want to buy a used $4 copy of the movie.

And I'd say we really knocked the socks off the closing ceremony of baking week with Faulkner's cupcakes and the Blueberry Walnut Coffee Cake (http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Blueberry-Coffee-Cake-1275). It doesn't call for walnuts but do it! Make sure to get a 32 ounce bag of blueberries even though the recipe only calls for 12 because Faulkner will eat the extras...Well, we ate it for lunch's dessert (which is a real thing during baking week) with some Haagen Daz Vanilla 5 ice cream and it tasted like deliciousness. It's going to be hard to spread joy without our baked goods but since neither of us want diabetes it's probably best we stop with this sugary, buttery, flour nonsense and onto HEALTHY WEEK! Nothing processed with an expiration date more than three weeks away.....so goodbye my beloved Aged White Cheddar Pirate Booty.

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