26 February 2011

Beachy Keen

I want summer. Right now. As super as it is to switch between running in spandex and shorts, I'm ready for tank topping it to Ben & Jerry's to hang out with Jesse and Kyle and Krista, eat some Coconut 7 Layer Bar samples, and kickin it at Oakledge with Xavier and Ana. I could also handle a sunset or playing with drift wood and jumping off the shack in the middle of the lake.

BUT it's February and there's snow on the ground. So we made a couple pizzas to improve our sourly mood. They more contributed to it because the dough wouldn't rise and I ate all the ingredients we didn't use so we weren't even hungry when they came out, but the taste was worth it.

We picked up a ball of dough (19 oz) from Sunflower Market and pulled it apart to increase surface area, leaving it in the open oven for a while at low heat. It's a good way to make the kitchen with it's broken window a little less frosty. And kill off polar bears.

The beauty that you saw first is a pineapple mint creation. I believe I copped this idea from an awesome hut in Crested Butte called The Secret Stash that I'm dying to bring friends to. We sliced up all the white deli cheeses from the C4C over some olive oil (we splurged) and added some super thinly sliced pineapple and ripped up mint leaves. If we had thought, we would have added some sea salt. Make this one and knock em out.

This other pizza was the result of me being kind of frustrated and dumping on the ingredients I didn't eat: tomato paste mixed with olive oil, mushrooms, spinach, pepperoni, lots of cheese, and three beautifully placed tomatoes.
As we learned from our new cooking friend Alec, you know that the toppings are done when the cheese starts to slightly brown. As our new friend Alec learned from us, you can cook pizza in a pan.
Bryn's going to tell you about our pretty cookies after our run. Until then... kbye.


  1. Pineapple mint! That sounds amazing, and your pizzas look beautiful!