28 February 2011


Bryn's not here tonight and since the line for the dining hall was bumbled and all over the place, I strode through the thick of it and grabbed a burrito and three apples. I know. I didn't even heat the burrito all the way through. BUT I did just eat some really tasty nachos with cholula and tabasco to add to my summery sentiments.

So I'm taking the time to tell you about two things really quick.
1) H Burger in Denver puts liquid nitrogen on their strawberry mint shakes. Milkshakes and mint are my two favorite things right now, so if you're trying to make friends with me, I really need a blender and some mint cooking ideas.

2) Ever wonder why we eat so many of those evol/love burritos? Well, they're made in Boulder!
Have a looksee at their very comprehensive website that lists the source for ALL ingredients.

I'll see you soon with a story about meatloaf.


  1. Things I think we could pair with mint:
    Feta Cheese
    Garbanzo Beans
    Or a combination of all of thee above.

    OR stealing strawberries from the fruit section at dinner could result in some HBurger inspired Strawberry Mint cupcakes.......

    For the record: Faulkner's not responding to herself, it's me Bryn sitting at home sweet home eating some muddy buddys after a nostalgic meal of salmon, eggplant and wild rice AND avoiding a six page film paper due in uhm, fourteen hours.

  2. sorry i stole my own sister back for a night faulksy!!!! :D and that looks scrumcious!