26 January 2011


Halfway through the longest week ever!!!
Here's a recipe to get through it.
1. Decide to lease an apartment without looking at it.
2. Call your mom. She'll tell you its a bad idea.
3. Knock on doors to ask if you can see the place.
A friendly guy will answer, and you'll say, is this ______ street address?
He'll say yeah....
Oh! Cool! Um, we're trying to find a place to rent next year - do you mind if we check out your house?
He'll hesitate for a minute and then:
"I have one question... do you smoke weed?"
If you're me, you'll stand there with your eyes glazed over. What? Why? Are we going to be neighbors?
Bryn, sharp as ever, will realize that he's stoned and say "We won't tell anyone!"
And then you'll check out the best place ever!!
4. Get back to Sewall and eat white food. Interpret that as you will.
4.1 Boil water. Put ramen in it. MMM
4.2 Get a sandwich from the grab and go. Take everything out of it. Inhale the cheese and make ewww gross faces at the roast beef. Heat the bread on both sides, indiscriminately squeeze agave nectar beautiful all over the bread, bluntly dump some cinnamon sugar all over it. Haaaayeah.
4.66 At this point, Bryn and I went through all the stages of a fight involving me coming back from the hill a little later than expected and she was waiting all, "where have you been?!" And I was all, YOU LEFT ME! And she was like, "We're fighting!!" And I was all, I was torn, making that decision was harder than choosing a house to live in that's how important you are!
And she was like, ok, we're not fighting anymore. I'll get you your Ben and Jerry's.
So we got some Mint Cookie and got through about half before deciding that that much buttercreamy goodness should not enter the bloostream at such an hour. Now we're lark happy doing homework.

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