23 January 2011

The String Cheese Incident

Yes, you can make macaroni and cheese out of cheese sticks.
1. Make a roux by heating butter and flour in a saucepan until it is "nutty."
Add milk til it gets thin but still sticks together. Have your friend peel apart string cheese and throw it in. Use 2 sticks, minimum.
2. Boil your elbow noodles that you took from home.
3. Drain. (Duh)
4. Dump the roux unceremoniously into the pasta and mix it until its all even-like.
5. Mow (Pronounce like m-ow, cow)
6. Make some super strong coffee and get super jittery. Feel the butterflies going insane in your entire body.
roux roux g'joob, my brothers and sisters. (Punny I am the Walrus reference)
Go for a 6-10 mile run. Get soooo hungry and when you get back,
grab that bread out of the freezer.
rub butter all over it.
one piece gets agave nectar, the other almond butter.
slap that on the pan, not too high or you'll burn it.
hippy say what?!?

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